Miss Grand International 2017's Welcome Ceremony: Who Stood Out?

Last night, 72 young beauties were presented to the media and a global audience during the Miss Grand International 2017 Press Presentation. As we mentioned already, we believe that this might be one of the (if not THE) strongest groups in the history of the Miss Grand International Pageant. It's still very early days, but as fans and followers, we love to watch the girls come into their own and do their countries proud. Of course, we also love to pick favourites as it is part of the enjoyment of following pageants. 

Global Beauties has a team in Vietnam who are witnessing the pageant up close and personal and we also have an observer that is not at the contest. Based on the combined impressions of what we saw last night, here are our thoughts about the Welcome Ceremony: 


INDIA: Anukriti Gussain


Anukriti was absolutely radiant last night. She is an ethereal beauty with all the qualities to do well at Miss Grand International 2016. 

JAMAICAJenaae Jackson


One of the biggest revelations of the night came when Jamaica was called. Jenaee looked phenomenal last night. If she continues to shine like she did last night, she will be one to watch. 

LAOS: Chinnaly Norasing


Chinnaly is the first ever delegate from her country to compete at Miss Grand International and what a way to start for them. She is a stunner. 

MEXICO: Yoana Gutiérrez


We have mentioned before that Yoana has everything it takes to make an impact at Miss Grand International and we still feel the same. There is room for improvement in her styling, though. 

SRI LANKA: Visna Fernando


Visna looked absolutely stunning last night. However, if we could give her one piece of advice, it would be to tone down the performance side of things because her beauty and presence can take her very far. 

VENEZUELA: Tulia Alemán


Tulia takes us back to the good old days of Venezuelan pageantry. She's got the Latina fire and looked absolutely amazing last night.  




We loved Yoana's hair pulled back like it was last night. It highlighted her facial beauty. 

AUSTRALIA: Kassandra Kashian


Kassandra is still doing everything right and she also has an equally beautiful personality to match her looks. 

BELGIUM: Rachel Nimegeers


Rachel looked sizzling hot last night. Not only is she beautiful in real life, but she's also photogenic and telegenic. 

BRAZIL: Caroline Venturini


Caroline has a smile that can light up a room. She also has great presence and looked radiant in her gown. 

INDONESIA: Dea Rizkita


If it goes down to being well-prepared, Dea is definitely one to watch. She is extremely polished and her look last night was on point. 

PERU: María José Lora


Here's another Latina that was on fire last night. She did everything right and Peru might get their second successive placement and third in total on the 25th. 



NETHERLANDS: Kelly van den Dungen - she blew us away last night with her beauty. She looked just perfect. 


PHILIPPINES: Elizabeth Clenci - Elizabeth was a class act last night. She was elegance personified. 


SOUTH SUDAN: Eyga Mojus - This girl has presence and can work a runway. She is also very beautiful and interesting to talk to. 


UKRAINE: Snizhana Tanchuk - she was smouldering last night. Impossible to miss! 


VIETNAM: Nguyễn Huyền My - the host contestant looked absolutely flawless last night. She also has loads of charisma and is very popular in Vietnam. It seems like she is a celebrity with lots of followers. 



Canada: Natalie Allin - what a beautiful face! 

China: Xuejiao Chen - she looked great last night. 

Cuba: Lisandra Napoles - she's super sultry and had a role in Fast and Furious 8. She was denied a visa to attend the New York premiere of the move. 

England: Noky Simbani - she's looked adorable last night. 

Screen Shot 2017-10-08 at 4.26.09 PM.png

Korea: Ha Young Park - there was something really appealing about her. 

Russia: Svetlana Khokhlova - she reminded us of a young (blonde) Nicole Kidman last night. 

Tatarstan: Aigul Zaripova - she's doing well. We were impressed. 

Thailand: Premika Pamela - she oozed confidence and presence. She was also extremely telegenic.

Boliva, Cuba, Paraguay, Costa Rica, Tanzania, Czech Republic, are all paying strong as well.

An these are just a few of the beauties who we noticed last night. Truth be told, several other names could have been added to this list. Remember, it's early days - the competition has just started, so everything might and probably will change over the coming days. 

We would like to know who you liked during the Welcome Ceremony. Leave a comment in our comments section below to let us know. 

Disclaimer: Global Beauties has no influence on the final results of Miss Grand International. The opinions in this article are solely those of our team in Vietnam and China. 

Photos: Leonardo Rodrigues / Global Beauties