Miss World 2017: Groups 1-8 Head to Head Challenge Winners

The power of the people has been heard and 8 women have secured their spots in the Top 40 of Miss World 2017 on December 18th. These lucky young women are now in the running to become the next Miss World and all eyes will be on them in the days to come. It's time to meet our first 8 Head to Head Challenge Winners: 

The winner of Group 1: Miss Italy, Conny Notarstefano 


Last time Italy placed: 2013 (top 20) 

GB's Reaction: Italy is a deserving winner and even though we felt Austria was also strong, it is nice to see it go to someone who did extremely well in the round. She is beautiful and intelligent, so we are happy with this result. 

The winner of Group 2: Miss Argentina, Avril Marco 


Last time Argentina placed: 1987 (top 7) 

GB's Reaction: First time in thirty years that Argentina is getting some love at Miss World and it is a very deserving top 40 placement. ThoughI favored Cote d'Ivoire, Sally-Ann Fawcett called it and our combined scores had Argentina as the winner of Round 2. You are back, Argentina! Well done! 

The winner of Group 3: Miss Nepal, Nikita Chandak


Last time Nepal placed: 2013 (top 10) 

GB's Reaction: Voting power prevailed. In a rather weak group, we can live with this result. Well done, Nikita. 

The winner of Group 4: Miss France, Aurore Kichenin


Last time France placed: 2016 (top 20) 

GB's Reaction: We are delighted that she won her round. France is strong again and she absolutely deserves it. She is a crown contender. 

The winner of Group 5: Miss Colombia, Maria Daza


Last time Colombia placed: 2012 (top 30) 

GB's Reaction: We would have been happy to see Cook Islands win this one too, but we think that Colombia deserve this too. 

The winner of Group 6: Miss Bangladesh, Jessia Islam 


Last time Bangladesh placed: Never

GB's Reaction: We felt that she was the weakest in this round but the people have spoken. Bangladesh has never placed before at Miss World, so this is a milestone for them and we would like to congratulate them for making the top 40! 

The winner of Group 7: Miss Dominican Republic, Aletxa Mueses 


Last time Dominican Republic placed: 2016 (1st runner-up) 

GB's Reaction: Wow, she has already secured her spot in the top 40 by winning Sports and now she has also won the Head to Head Challenge. She was the clear winner of this round though! Does this mean that the judges will get to select an extra girl or will it be a top 39? 


Miss World then later announced that the winner of Group 7 is actually Miss Macau (China), Lan Wan-ling. 


Last time Macau placed at Miss World: Never

GB's Reaction: Well, they did announce Dominican Republic as the winner first but then changed it later. Though she was not the most gorgeous in her group, she was the second best in the head to head challenge round. Congratulations on your first placement, Macau! 

The winner of Group 8:  Miss Mongolia


Last time Mongolia placed: 2016 (Top 11) 

GB's Reaction: We knew this one was coming. She had a great introduction video and was very charming but we thought Kenya and Russia were stronger. Voting power again but we are happy to see her in the top 40.