Miss World 2017: Global Beauties' Fourth Leaderboard

The final week of Miss World has arrived and the competition has been heating up in Sanya. With the announcement of the first 8 Head to Head Challenge winners and the Top Model and Sports competitions taking place, new favorites have emerged and lists have been changing faster than you can say 'Beauty With A Purpose'. Our panel of judges from South Africa, the United States, the Philippines, China, Puerto Rico, Chile, the United Kingdom and Finland cast their votes and here is Global Beauties' Fourth Leaderboard for the 67th Miss World contest: 

Copy of Miss World 2017 Update (2).png

Leading the way for the second time in a row is France who is now the firm favorite with our judges. India continues to gain ground and has catapulted herself into second place following her strong Head to Head round. MexicoRussia, and the United States have been in our top 5 since the start of the competition and this is still unchanged, but is the United States starting to fizzle? Following her Top Model victory, Nigeria has now jumped into sixth place and Brazil has moved up another spot. El Salvador is still holding steady in the top 10 while Dominican Republic and China seem to be two girls we should keep an eye on. 

The next leaderboard will be released at the end of this week before the Miss World final!