Miss International 2017: Global Beauties' Final Leaderboard

The 57th Miss International Pageant will take place in Tokyo, Japan tomorrow afternoon and the reigning queen, Kylie Verzosa from the Philippines will crown her successor at the conclusion of the event. While Miss International is synonymous with surprising and unexpected results, we still decided to take a shot in the dark and present you with our final leaderboard. Who knows what will happen in Tokyo but it's time for our next Grand Slam queen to be crowned and here's what we think should happen: 

Miss International Japan.png

Well, this was not easy but after looking at all the photos of the contestants in Tokyo, we feel that Lithuania would be a unique and modern queen that could continue to help the Miss International Organization move towards a fresher and more relevant image. She comes across as vibrant and is gorgeous in photos but it's a risky choice as we are not sure if her beauty and personality will resonate with the Japanese judges. The crown could easily go to South Africa. No delegate representing the African continent has won the pageant, although the 1996 winner from Portugal was technically from South Africa. Tayla is not only beautiful, but she is also well-spoken and her experience competing for the Miss South Africa title (2nd runner-up in 2016) will give her a competitive edge. Venezuela has climbed to third place, mostly based on her beauty, which is sure to charm the judges of this pageant. Though Curacao has slipped one place in our final round, she has been very consistent and we hope the judges like her as much as we do. Completing our top 5 is Miss International powerhouse country, Colombia. It's hard to miss her and she has been on fire from day 1. Could she go all the way to give her country their fourth title? Time will tell... and within 24 hours we will have our brand new Miss International 2017. 

Good luck to all the ladies!