Miss World 2017: Head to Head Challenge Rounds 11 and 12 Review

Two more groups completed their Head to Head Challenge rounds and that of course meant that it was time for us at home to get to know twelve young ladies better. Global Beauties asked one of the pageant world's most knowledgable contributors, Paul Palmero from the Philippines, to return as a judge for this round. He joins GB's Andre Sleigh to give their thoughts about the girls in groups 11 and 12. 

Let's start with the ladies from Group 11: 

CHINA PR: Guan Siyu

Global Beauties Score: 86.75

Paul Palmero (PP): At first, I was doubtful and skeptic about Catherine. Seeing her photos was not enough to convince me of her capabilities. I am thankful I finally got to see her personal side by learning of her innermost thoughts with this challenge. Clinging to art while striving for academic excellence is probably just the quality needed to be Miss World.

GB: As the host delegate, I expect China to do really well. She's not the most attractive, charasmatic or well-spoken Miss China that I have ever seen. But host delegates tend to do well and apparently she has been very gracious and kind. I just hope that the judges are not too generous with their love because we want a strong top 5 this year. 

Moldova: Ana Badaneu

Global Beauties Score: 80.50

GB: I was looking foward to watching Moldova in this round as based on the photos I saw of her, I thought she was one of the most beautiful women in the competition. She looked great in her video but her styling for the "live" segment really let her down. She spoke well but due to not speaking in her mother tongue, some of her natural charm got lost. 

PP: I truly appreciate her beauty and now, her personality. It’s nice to see more women now know what they want in life and how exactly to get there. Ana’s self-proclaimed determination will get her past through any challenge.

DENMARK: Amanda Petri

Global Beauties Score: 87.60

PP: What is striking is Amanda’s personal goal of making the world a better place in her own little way. She insightfully discusses her country’s role in inspiring her to live each day with appreciation. Her take on dance is unique, which makes her stand out.

GB: I found this group less strong than some of the others in general but Amanda was one of the girls who looked equally (or even more) beautiful on video as in their photos. I think she looks great with less makeup on. She came across as natural and unassuming and I really responded to that. 

EQUATORIAL GUINEA: Catalina Mangue Ondo

Global Beauties Score: 81.50

GB: I think she spoke with conviction and I thought she came across as a woman of substance. Beauty-wise there are definitely stronger girls from the African region. 

PP: There is certainly so much more to Catalina’s beauty as I’ve expected. I was an instant fan upon her crowning in her nationals. Thankful enough, I was able to confirm through this challenge of the lengths she is willing to go to spread her purpose in this world.

UKRAINE: Polina Tkach

Global Beauties Score: 86.00

PP: As one of her country’s most beautiful contestants, Polina is a delight to see, hear, understand and appreciate. I am a huge fan of her overall projection to become the Ukraine’s first ever Miss World.

GB: I was quite impressed by Miss Polina. She is even more telegenic than photogenic. She came across as young, fresh, vivacious and fashionable. I think she is one of my positive surprises. 

HONG KONG: Emily Wong

Global Beauties Score: 84.00

GB: Beauty-wise she might have been outshone by some of the other contestants, but Emily is a great communicator. I thought she gave a great final answer. 

PP: She is a very charming surprise in this year’s pageant. Emily just says it like it is. She is focused, fashionable and empowered. We need more women like her these days.

Let's discuss the ladies in group 12: 

ENGLAND: Stephanie Hill

Global Beauties Score: 86.00

PP: She is not your typical Miss England, let alone beauty queen. It’s not surprising to discover Stephanie is loaded, not just with knowledge or wisdom, but also, of the desire for excellence in every area of life.

GB: Stephanie looked much better in real life and she came across as classy, intelligent and articulate. I presume she will score some major points in the talent round. One thing I wanted was for her styling to be a bit younger and fresher. 

CROATIA: Tea Mlinarić

Global Beauties Score: 87.50

GB: There's something very special about Tea. She easily fits the top model and beauty queen moulds, which is really hard to do. She was definitely the most captivating girl in terms of beauty in this round and she also seems very likeable. I think the Miss World judges will love her. 

PP: Seeing Tea during the recent Top Model event was inspiring. But hearing from her in this challenge just sealed the deal for me. She is truly one of the front-runners in this year’s pageant. She should keep it up.

GUATEMALA: Virginia Argueta

Global Beauties Score: 83.00

PP: Beautiful, candid and sharp. I appreciate her love for a lot of things, especially animals. She has improved a lot since seeing her Manila last January for another beauty pageant.

GB: Virginia's Miss Universe experience helped her a lot. She's much stronger than the typical representative from her country. She came across as lively and passionate in her interview. I think she did really well. 

SENEGAL: Nar Codou Diou

Global Beauties Score: 78.75

GB: Nar is Senegal's first ever delegate and she did a commendable job in this round. She is prettier on screen than in photos and I loved her traditional attire. She really grabbed this opportunity and made the most of her chance to speak to the global audience. 

PP: I love that she is ambitious offering real solutions to a real problem of abuse. I was hoping she could be more confident and articulate in expressing herself. The beauty is there but there’s no shortcut to self-expression.

ROMANIA: Mihaela Bosc

Global Beauties Score: 80.25

PP: I love her Beauty With A Purpose project—one that combines overall wellbeing and nature in one package. Innovation comes in many forms and I am happy it involves beauty queens.

GB: When I first saw her photos, I thought Romania might be in with a shot at making an impact again, but I must say that she did not look her best in this round. She seemed sweet and sincere but her styling was off.

FIJI: Nanise Rainima

Global Beauties Score: 86.50

GB: Nanise is absolutely radiant and she seems like a genuinely lovely girl. She was very articulate during this round and she nailed her final question. Wouldn't it be great if she takes home the Oceania title for Fiji?! 

PP: I love how she introduced Fiji to the world. She is oozing with spontaneity and wisdom. I love her deep insights on success in life. She is a breeze who manages to bring something new to the world.