Miss World 2017: Head to Head Challenge Groups 13 and 14 Review

Today we will review Miss World's Head to Head Challenge Groups 13 and 14. With just over 3 days remaining before the new Miss World is crowned, it seems like time is running out and we hope that the last 6 groups will be posted soon. For this round, we asked Edwin Toledo from The Times of Beauty to return again as guest judge. He joins GB's Andre Sleigh in scoring and sharing their thoughts about these two rounds. 

The next six ladies will be hoping that 13 is their lucky number: 

MALTA: Michela Galea

Global Beauties Score: 74.00

Edwin Toledo (ET): She seems very passionate about music. I'm happy she won talent. I bet this award means the world to her. She expressed herself well and sounded very genuine. She stumbled in her final answer because she sounded a bit rushed.

GB: She's got a beautiful face and she seems very likeable. It is also quite evident that musical talent runs in her family, so she will probably nail the talent round. (She did indeed and was named the winner of Miss World Talent and advanced to the top 40, Malta's first placement since 1969.) 

NIGERIA: Ugochi Ihezue

Global Beauties Score: 80.50

GB: Her Top Model victory came as a (lovely) surprise to me but after her introduction video, I can totally see why she won this round. I don't find her the most beautiful in the classical sense of the world, but she's got her own captivating sense of beauty that commands attention. I didn't find her the most charismatic or polished in this group, but she was solid enough to leave a very good impression. 

ET: Probably she's the girl that surprised me the most in this year's pageant. She looks stunning and very statuesque. She came off too stoic at times and looked nervous specially at her final answer. I felt her final answer sound a little too similar to New Zealand's answer.

SLOVAKIA: Hanka Závodná

Global Beauties Score: 68.00

ET: She was quite robotic in her answer. Very rehearsed and look somewhat nervous. Her final answer was ok.

GB: Her hair makes her stand out and she's got stunning eyes. I don't think she is as strong as her photos suggested but she is really beautiful. She seemed a tad nervous though, but did well. 

TUNISIA: Emna Abdelhedi

Global Beauties Score: 65.00

GB: I am glad Emna made it to Sanya because I know that she struggled to raise enough funds to secure her participation. She is one of the nice surprises for me this year. I find her beauty quite captivating. Even though she struggled with her English, she managed to express herself well, but sounded too much like a beauty queen in the traditional sense of the word at times. 

ET: Came off very shy and her answer was quite simple. She should've spoken in her native language. She was clever in tying her final answer with the Miss World ethos.

LIBERIA: Wokie Dol

Global Beauties Score: 65.00

ET: She looked nervous at times. Her final answer was ok. Her story was touching and seems to be a very driven person.

GB: It's good to see Liberia back on the Miss World stage. She seemed a bit stiff and rehearsed at first, but her personality started to come through more towards the end of this segment. 

NEW ZELAND: Annie Evans

Global Beauties Score: 86.50

GB: Annie seems like a really nice and sincere girl. She's got a great personality and she is very articulate. Growing up in Shanghai, China and being able to speak Chinese has helped her in the competition, but will it give her enough votes to advance to the next round? 

ET: I really liked her. I feel she gave the strongest answers in this group. Very eloquent and charming. She managed to sound engaging. Her final answer was very good. High expectations.

And as we take a look at Group 14, 70% of the Head to Head challenges have now been completed: 

VENEZUELA: Ana Carolina Ugarte

Global Beauties Score: 87.00

GB: First of all, let me make the following statement: Group 14 rocked it. They were all great. Ana Carolina must be the best representative Venezuela has sent in a while. She's beautiful and charming. Even when other girls were speaking, my eyes were drawn back to her, which is always a good thing. At times, I was wondering if she was perhaps trying too hard.

ET: I liked her answers. I was expecting her to sound rehearsed but that wasn't the case. She was charming. Hoping she can manage to break Venezuela's drought in Miss World. Strong contestant.  

RWANDA: Elsa Iradukunda

Global Beauties Score: 65.00

ET: I didn't find her engaging even if she gave strong answers. I would've love to see more personality. She's stronger than last year's debuting contestant.

GB: It's good to see Rwanda back again after their debut last year and I hope to see them competing consistently. While I am hoping for a breakthrough soon for them, I don't think it will be this year. The African group is too strong. That being said, I do think the Elsa spoke well and that she is a true Beauty With A Purpose girl. 


Global Beauties Score: 73.50

ET: She's very pretty. She gave strong answers and came off very smart but unfortunately I felt she lacked emotion. She probably gave the most elaborate and well-thought of all final answers.

GB: Tea is really pretty and she's got beautiful eyes. I thought she was very calm and composed and despite facing a language barrier, she managed to let her personality shine through. I thought she handled herself really well. 

SWEDEN: Hanna Haag

Global Beauties Score: 77.50

GB: Hanna is an absolutely beautiful young woman. She is one of the stronger representatives from her country in recent years. She came across as serene but focused and she also seemed very sweet and sincere. 

ET: She looks gorgeous and came off very serene. Her answer was strong although I wish she would've been a bit more elaborate. I loved her final answer.

SEYCHELLES: Hilary Joubert

Global Beauties Score: 65.00

ET: Very charming girl. I liked the way she delivered her answers. She showed a vibrant personality. Her final answer was heartfelt. Good job Seychelles!

GB: What she lacks in beauty, she made up for in charm. She seems like a lovely girl and it was great to listen to and watch her speak so passionately about her country. I liked the fact that she made the final answer very personal, which set her apart from the rest. 

POLAND: Magdalena Bieńkowsk

Global Beauties Score: 92.50

GB: Magdalena is very beautiful and she sounded very sweet and charming too. Her beauty is very Miss World. I am not quite sure what it was, but something was missing for me. I think she is strong enough to do well, but can she become the next Miss World? Her final answer was really good. 

ET: She's incredible. What a gorgeous contestant. She's well-rounded and eloquent in both of her answers. I wouldn't mind to see Poland winning the pageant. Very impressed.