Miss World 2017: Head to Head Challenge Groups 15 and 16 Review

With only just over 72 hours until the new Miss World is crowned, the Head to Head Challenges have been appearing a tad faster and 16 groups have now officially completed their rounds of competition. To help us score and discuss the next 12 girls, it's none other than Britain's Queen of Pageantry, the sensational Sally-Ann Fawcett. She again joins GB's Andre Sleigh for these two rounds. Welcome back, Sally! 

First, we will meet the ladies from Group 15: 

JAPAN: Haruka Yamashita   

Global Beauties Score: 79.00

Sally-Ann Fawcett (SAF): Cheerful and vivacious. It struck me while watching her that it would be great to have a Japanese winner, and this charming lady may well do it.

GB: I am still wondering if she was really the strongest out of 7000 competitors in her country's national final, but if I am not able to see why she has won, I can definitely hear it. She is definitely one of the most charismatic Miss Japans I have ever seen at Miss World. 

URUGUAY: Melina Carballo

Global Beauties Score: 74.50

GB: Melina looked prettier than in her photos and she seemed like a pleasant girl with a good heart. I am not sure though if her country has enough voting power to get her into the top 40. Probably not. 

SAF: Lovely teeth! Confident and articulate but lacking that special something to be the winner.

SLOVENIA: Maja Zupan

Global Beauties Score: 75.00

SAF: Pretty but understated. Very original final answer.

GB: I loved Maja's introduction video because it was interesting and I actually learned something about her country. She spoke with conviction and I enjoyed listening to her. Her final answer was out of the box, which made her memorable for me. Not bad for an 18 year old girl at all! 

PERU: Pamela Sánchez

Global Beauties Score: 75.50

GB: She's very pretty but she didn't come across as a great or natural speaker. At times, I found her too pageanty. 

SAF: Looks older than her years. Spoke with great intelligence but not the winner this year.

TANZANIA: Julitha Kabete

Global Beauties Score: 76.00

SAF: She sold Tanzania well but not really herself. Sincere and passionate but needs to lighten up a bit and show a fun side.

GB: I am still trying to figure out who the strongest African is and now I am even more confused. Julitha is very beautiful but she didn't come across as super relaxed in this situation at first. She looked more at ease during the final question and I would like to see more of that side of her if she makes it on Saturday night. 

GUYANA: Vena Mookra

Global Beauties Score: 76.50

GB: Vena got the highest score from me in this round, simply because she checked all the boxes. She has the best combination of beauty, charm and substance of all six. It would be nice to see her advance to the top 40. 

SAF: Very sweet and enthusiastic but lacking the gravitas to place highly.

Now let's say Ola to the ladies of Group 16: 

MEXICO: Andrea Meza

Global Beauties Score: 89.00

GB: Well, I have watched Andrea evolve from a young woman who was raw but full of potential to a young woman who could become the next Miss World. She is beautiful and she has done her homework. What you see her today is the product of lots of hard work and preparation. That blue crown would not look out of place on her head. 

SAF: One of the most beautiful and polished finalists and very much in the MW mould. A genuine front runner.

NORWAY: Celina Herregarden

Global Beauties Score: 70.00

SAF: A disappointingly brief presentation and not much sparkle from Norway this year.

GB: Yes, her video was short and lacklustre, but I am going to disagree with Sally-Ann in the sparkle area. I actually find her beautiful and I also think she's quite real and relatable. She wasn't the strongest in the group, but she wasn't a disappointment to me. 

SRI LANKA: Dusheni Silva

Global Beauties Score: 76.50

GB: I found her quite raw but she was better during the interview segment than in her introduction video, which I found too forced. I think she has done some good work though and should be applauded for this. The editing team skipped her final answer, which made it hard to judge her fairly. 

SAF: A very educated and charitable young lady, the perfect attitude for the crown, despite lacking classic beauty.

SCOTLAND: Romy McCahill

Global Beauties Score: 78.00

SAF: Romy is very popular on the British pageant circuit and a genuinely lovely lady. Great presentation and considered answers.

GB: She's very pretty and she spoke from her heart, which I really appreciated. Her final answer went on for a bit too long, which is never a good thing in pageants. I think she might be the strongest from the UK even though it doesn't matter because it seems like Miss World has stopped awarding the Miss UK title, which is a real shame! 

NICARAGUA: America Monserrat

Global Beauties Score: 75.50

GB: I kind of love her because she's just so different from the rest. I love her hair and I think she is quite vivacious, With a few more years of experience, she could have been even better. I hope she does well though. 

SAF: Striking and flamboyant looks and a surprisingly reserved personality. She'll be noticed though.


Global Beauties Score: 77.50

SAF: I'm biased as I judged Anna in Miss NI. She has worked very hard to get here and has a great attitude and work ethic, as well as such a gorgeous look.

GB: Anna has got a gorgeous face and the most beautiful eyes. She seemed a bit rehearsed and very nervous during her interview, which is a shame as I once though of her as a top 10 contender. 


Sally-Ann Fawcett is one of the United Kingdom's best known pageant personalities. Having followed beauty pageants for more than four decades, she is a wealth of knowledge. A former contestant herself, Sally-Ann is now a regular face on many judging panels across the United Kingdom. The latest book in her Misdemeanours trilogy, Mis-3-meanours: Second Runner-Up, was released yesterday and it can ordered here: 

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