Miss World 2017: Head to Head Challenge Groups 17 and 18

Global Beauties' Andre Sleigh has arrived in China to attend the 67th Miss World final and he sent his comments about Groups 17 and 18, which were released yesterday. The public now has less than 5 hours to vote for their favourites. The winners of the remaining 12 Head to Head challenges will be announced this evening. So it's time to look at the next two groups, starting with the ladies from Group 17: 

TURKEY: Aslı Sümen

Global Beauties Score: 72.00

Asli was supposed to represent her country at Miss Universe but when the original winner was dethroned, she inherited the main title. Though she's not the strongest Miss Turkey I have ever seen, she does have charm and a sweet demeanour. 

THAILAND: Patlada Kulphakthanapat

Global Beauties Score: 85.00

Patlada is very strong, very modelesque. She was the first contestant that made me stop and stare last night. I wonder if she's too sexy for Miss World, but she definitely has star quality. Hopefully she won't be overlooked. She deserves to be up there. 

LESOTHO: Mpoi Ma'hao

Global Beauties Score: 69.00

Mpoi was well-spoken but at times I found her a bit too rehearsed. It will be tough for her to outshine some of the other beauties from the African region. 

MYANMAR: Ei Kyawt Khaing

Global Beauties Score: 83.00

What a lovely surprise! She looked pretty during her interview segment and she was absolutely charming too. At first, I thought she was from Latin America. I believe she's Myanmar's strongest delegate so far. 

SERBIA: Anđelija Rogić

Global Beauties Score: 79.00

Adelija is a very beautiful girl. She's got an exquisite face. She spoke well but due to the language barrier, she struggled to get her personality across in the best way. 

PHILIPPINES: Laura Lehmann

Global Beauties Score: 87.00

This will be a battle of the voting powers. Myanmar, Philippines and Thailand are known for their fierce supporters. Laura was very well-spoken, bubbly and charming. She's also pretty, so she ticks all the boxes. She will definitely be up there. 

Now it's time to meet the ladies from Group 18: 

WALES: Hannah Williams

Global Beauties Score: 74.00

Hannah was natural in front of the camera and she came across as humble and grounded. I wonder if her interview will help her to come out on top in the UK. 


Global Beauties Score: 83.00

Here's another country with some major voting power, so expect Vietnam to power her way through to the top 40. She looked pretty in this segment and she spoke well. I also think that she has a very strong Beauty With A Purpose project. 

SOUTH SUDAN: Arual Longar

Global Beauties Score: 70.00

I don't think Arual is as strong as some of the past competitors from her country. She seemed lovely though and her final answer was very strong. 

ZIMBABWE: Chiedza Mhosva

Global Beauties Score: 67.00

Chiedza spoke well but beauty wise, she will be outshone by some of the competitors in her region. 

BELIZE: Renae Martinez

Global Beauties Score: 65.00

She seemed a bit rehearsed but she does support a lot of worthy causes. I am glad she made it to Miss World. 

SPAIN: Elisa Tulian

Global Beauties Score: 80.00

Elisa's victory in her national final came as a bit of a surprise to me but I now I totally get it. She's very beautiful and speaks really well, too. She came across as charming and is stronger that I thought she would be. I am not sure about her final answer though.