Who will be Miss World 2017?

Only one girl's dreams will come true tonight in Sanya! 

Only one girl's dreams will come true tonight in Sanya! 

The big day has arrived here in Sanya. Tonight the 67th MIss World will be crowned by the outgoing title holder, Stephanie Del Valle from Puerto Rico. The tension has been building here and the big question remains: who will win that stunning blue crown tonight? Last night, the Miss World Organisation gave the national directors, families and fans free access to the dress rehearsal and we can say that we are incredibly excited about what we saw there. 

It's is very clear that the organisation and their partners invested heavily in making this year's show a top class event. The new venue, the Sanya Arena, is a huge improvement from the Beauty Crown. It's more spacious and allowed for a spectacular stage to be constructed. The lighting, sound and camera work seem to be top notch this year, so we would like to commend Miss World for continuing what they have been doing the last few years - improving the quality of the show. 


Last year, a lot of people were surprised by the huge improvement of the telecast and this year the organisation is taking it up a few notches. Expect an even younger, fresher and more energetic show, especially the first half before things get more serious in the final parts of the show. 

DANCES OF THE WORLD is back and this year it is done a little bit differently. The contestants have been split into four groups, the Americas and the Caribbean, Europe, Africa and Asia and Oceania. Their dance segment will be followed by pre-taped VIDEO INTRODUCTIONS. This year they are faster and more modern than last year. 

The LIVE SHOW will start off with a very sexy, very current and very energetic OPENING NUMBER. We are extremely impressed by the choreography and the quality of this number. Way to go Miss World. 

The format of the show will be:

* Fast track winners, Head to Head Challenge winners and Judges Choices are announced to make a final 40. 

* The top 15 will then be announced, then top 10, top 5 and the crowning of Miss World 2017. Expect interviews, an evening gown parade with colour commentary and high quality video inserts. 


The new Miss World will be chosen by amongst others Julia Morley, Mike Dixon, Andrew Minarik, Donna Derby, Wenxia Yu (Miss World 2017), the CEO of New Silk Road David Li, Arnold Vergaria (ND of the Philippines) and Mr World Rohit Kandewal. 


Megan Young continues to amaze us with her hosting skills, the stunning Angela Chow is back and she is joined by Fernando Allende for a special ten year reunion of their last hosting gig here in Sanya in 2017. Frankie Cena has made great progress as a host and 19 year old Barney Walsh impressed during his first time as a host. 

Watch out from performances by Fernando Allende, the runner-up in Eurovision 2017 Kristian Krostov, an artist named Zizi and Jeffrey Li and super adorable Celine Tam, who stole the audience's hearts. 


Asia: It will be a battle between the delegates from INDIA, the PHILIPPINES, CHINA and INDONESIA. 

Africa: We expect it to be between NIGERIA and KENYA, but watch out for BOTSWANA and COTE D'IVOIRE. 

Caribbean: It's likely to be Dominican Republic or Jamaica. 

Europe: France and Russia might be the Europeans most likely to make an impact but also keep an eye on Poland and Croatia. 

Americas: The contestants from Mexico, Brazil, the United States and Venezuela are the ones to watch here. Don´t lose sight of Argentina or stunning Bolivia!

Oceania: We believe it will be between Australia and Fiji. Cook Island could also pull a surprise.

Who will be the 67th Miss World? Leave your predictions in our comment box below.