Miss World 2017 Head to Head Challenge Groups 3 and 4 Review

Miss World's exciting new Head to Head Challenges kicked off this week as the groups were introduced to the global audience after the draw which determined the 20 groups. For this round of competition, each contestant's introduction video followed by a question about their video from host Frankie Cena. The contestants all answer a final question which they receive before the show at the end of the segment. Voting is then opened to the public who can like a contestant's facebook page or vote for them on Mobstar or the Miss World website. The winner of each group will advance to the Miss World top 40. 

Our next guest judge who helped GB's Andre Sleigh score these two groups is Gian Pertusi who trained two Miss America contestants this year. Not only did both of them do very well in this competition by placing in the top 10, but his best placer finished as the third runner-up to Miss America 2018. 

Here is group 3: 

BELGIUM: Romania Schotte

Global Beauties Score: 80.25

Gian Pertusi (GP): Sweet and charming but lacking the spark to separate her from the group. We’ve seen stronger from Belgium.

GB: She's actually a lovely surprise. She has the sweetness and sincerity that the Miss World judges will respond to. 


Global Beauties Score: 86.5

GP: I find her lovely, poised, intelligent and captivating. I believe she could go far and is certainly a candidate for Queen of Africa. She and Nepal really stood out for me in this group. 

GB: It's nice to see Cameroon back with a strong contestant. She's vibrant and spoke well. I hope she makes it to the top 40. 

NEPAL: Nikita Chandak

Global Beauties Score: 86.0

GP: She has a lovely and regal presence, intelligent and well spoken. There is something special that sets her apart and I have a strong feeling she could place in the Top 10, at the least.

GB: Beauty wise, I found that there are others who I responded to more, but she is very articulate and spoke elegantly with great conviction. 

GUINEA: Asmaou Diallo

Global Beauties Score: 75.25

GP: Lovely face and one of the stronger candidates we’ve seen from Guinea. I found her video and followup lacking somewhat but thought she had a strong final question. 

GB: She spoke from the heart and I really loved that. I don't think she is strong enough to go on to the next round, though. 

MADAGASCAR: Felana Tirindraza

Global Beauties Score: 71.5

GP: What a sweet and likeable girl - but she lacks the preparation and sophistication to proceed any further in the competition. 

GB: I agree that that she seems very sweet and likeable, but the African group is so strong that this will probably be the end of the road for her. 

CHILE: Victoria Stein

Global Beauties Score: 83.5

GP: I had mixed reactions to her. I found her pretty and intelligent but forced and over rehearsed. Perhaps I just couldn’t separate the strong American accent from the sash but felt there was a lack of sophistication. I can see her impressing enough judges to advance.

GB: Victoria is extremely confident and well-spoken. There's something very interesting about her, which the Miss World judges will surely like. I loved her introduction video. 

It's time for Group 4: 

AUSTRALIA: Esma Voloder

Global Beauties Score: 86.25

GP: Came across as sweet and sincere and a typically strong candidate from Australia but I felt she was lacking something. The sash could be enough to get her through but I don’t find she stands out for me.

GB: I think Esma is a real Miss World type of beauty. She is beautiful and extremely well-spoken and I think she there's a sense of inner calm that comes from her. She could do very well in this competition. 

FRANCE: Aurore Kichenin

Global Beauties Score: 89.0  

GP: Beautiful, adorable and a great smile. I found her video and follow-up to be strong but thought her final question was very weak in comparison. Once again, the sash and personality may get her through.

GB: Wow! I absolutely adore her. She is even more beautiful than I thought and she is also super charming. Will the fact that they sent a runner-up prevent France from winning the crown? 

GERMANY: Dallila Jabri  

Global Beauties Score: 75.5

GP: She has a very unique look but I couldn't connect to her and don’t believe she has enough to advance.

GB: I do agree with Gian that she has a very unique look and I also felt that there was something lacking. I was left feeling a bit disappointed in the end. Love her hair though. 

ARMENIA: Lili Sargsyan

Global Beauties Score: 72.75

GP: So happy to see Armenia represented. I find her beautiful and amongst the most elegant of the contestants but woefully unprepared and lacking in preparation.

GB: I didn't really connect with her at all. She is very young and I could really sense that from this interview. Her styling also didn't really help. It seemed like she was a bit out of her league. 

EGYPT: Farah Shaaban

Global Beauties Score: 76.75

GP: She comes across as sweet, warm and intelligent but the video format really sold her short.

GB: I agree with Gian about the video. It almost seems like she was in a hurry to finish it. I did prefer her overall look in the introduction video. 

JAMAICA: Solange Sinclair

Global Beauties Score: 88.75

GP: Jamaica is typically lovely, well prepared, likable and projects a strong personality and this year is no exception. Well spoken and personable, I can easily see her advancing, perhaps into the Top 10.

GB: OK, she's got a killer smile and she is extremely vivacious She was definitely a surprise for me and I will be watching her more closely from now on. She's definitely got something special about her. 


Gian Pertusi has been following pageants for four decades and has most recently worked with the Miss America 2018 candidates from the District of Columbia and Virginia, both of whom placed as 3rd runner up and Top 10 respectively. He has traveled extensively and is owner of TASTE Tour & Travel, a specialty culinary travel company.