Miss World 2017 Head to Head Challenge Groups 5 and 6 Review

Six women have already secured their spots in the Miss World top 40 and although the winners of the first head to head challenges have not yet been revealed, we have been extremely impressed with the quality of the interviews. It seems like this year's group is filled with beautiful and intelligent women, which makes it a highly interesting competition to follow. 

For rounds 5 and 6, we asked two pageant followers to join us in giving their thoughts about the ladies competing for their spot in the finals. Paul Palmero is one of the Philippines most loyal and enthusiatic pageant supporters and is well-known for his speedy pageant updates and great taste in beauty. We also asked Eurovision and Miss World supporter, Julie Wright, to join GB's Andre Sleigh to discuss one of the groups. Julie is an avid follower of Miss World and also knows how to pick a winner. 

So it's time to hear their thoughts about Group 5: 

CURACAO: Vanity Girigori

Global Beauties Score: 69.33

Julie Wright (JW): Curacao is not hugely stunningly beautiful but is a very competent speaker and very down to earth. The Mandarin studies are a great nod to the hosts and she seems a very friendly, affable person. A bit negative on the final question. I hope she's enjoying China.

Paul Palmero (PP): While she has a clear grasp of her life goals and ambitions, I feel she could do more to be an exciting speaker. The fact that Frankie quickly turned to the next contestant says a lot.

PARAGUAY: Paola Oberladstatter

Global Beauties Score: 76.67

JW: There's nothing hugely outstanding about Paraguay, she seems a very pretty, intelligent girl with her heart in the right place. The beginning of her video suggested her English is probably good enough for all of it to be in English. I think if she'd made the effort, I'd have given her a higher score. Not that strong on the final question too.

PP: It can’t be denied she is a charming woman. When she speaks, you just have to pause and listen. I love how she highlighted Paraguay’s contributions to technology, as well as its cultural and historical wealth as a nation.

GIBRALTAR: Jodie Garcia

Global Beauties Score: 73.50

JW: Gibraltar sounded a bit too serious in the video so I'm glad she brightened up when speaking live. She's very striking looking, if not a classic beauty and her sketches are amazing. Final question adequate but not outstanding. Another competent performer from the tiny British territory.

PP: I remember cheering in delight when she won her national crown. She stood out from the rest for a reason. For this challenge, she showed what she was made of and proudly articulated it.

COLOMBIA: Maria Daza

Global Beauties Score: 84.00

PP: Since she won in her nationals, I never got the chance to hear her. Aside from her great looks, I adore her ability to defend how and why women are central in the family. Without sounding too feminist, she was able to objectively reason out.

JW: nother typical stunning Colombian who also clearly has the intellect to match. I really wish she'd have spoken in English as I feel she was capable. Final question ok but not mind blowing. A potential placement awaits but I fear she lacks the individuality to go all the way.

PORTUGAL: Filipa Barrosso

Global Beauties Score: 72.83

PP: She is quite a beauty, especially when her hair flutters in the wind. I appreciate her efforts with her English. While she may seem too conscious of the camera, I think her genuine passions and interests are getting across wonderfully.

JW: An obvious lack of maturity is more than made up for here in enthusiasm. A pretty enough girl, I actually think she would have benefitted from a few more years before taking part. A bit of a nervy final question. She's lovely and smiley but I don't foresee a double Eurovision/Miss World victory for Portugal.

COOK ISLANDS: Alanna Smith

Global Beauties Score: 83.67

JW: What a gal! Natural, enthusiastic, buzzing and fizzing with obvious joy at being a part of the whole thing! I preferred her answer to the final question to any others in this group. She exudes confidence and speaks really well. If it was up to me, she'd be going a long way in this pageant.

PP: She’s so spontaneous and such a free spirit—which changes the beauty queen landscape. I love how she invited us to her beautiful country then segued to introduce her family.

Well, now it's time to hear what Global Beauties' Andre Sleigh and Paul Palmero had to say about Group 6: 

CANADA: Cynthia Menard

Global Beauties Score: 85.00

GB: I think she's really beautiful in a very natural, girl-next-door type of way. I'm instantly taken back to 2010 and the USA and we all know how well that worked for Alexandria Mills. At times, I did find feel that nerves got the better of her and she seemed slightly rehearsed, but we have to remember that she is only 17 years old. If you add the fact that English is not her first language into the equation, she did an exceptional job. 

PP: I am amazed how she can be her country’s finest ambassador then, in a split second, be your sister then best friend. Her personality seems to be a great complement to her beauty. She amazes me a lot.

ETHIOPIA: Kisanet Molla

Global Beauties Score: 82.50

GB: Kisanet is another lovely surprise and I am beyond thrilled (as a fellow African) to say that the African girls are absolutely rocking it this year. I think she struggled a bit with expressing herself in the way that she wanted to, but she battled on bravely and I admire her for that. 

PP: She is very attractive! She has this way of drawing you to her even more. It helps her voice is appealing and more so, her insights, interesting. She exhibits a light aura that I find very sexy.

BOTSWANA: Nicole Lisa Gaelebale

Global Beauties Score: 90.00

GB: There's something about this girl. I think that purely beauty wise there are other girls from Africa who I deem stronger, but Nicole is extremely articulate, radiant and likeable. It seems like the Miss World Organisation has already noticed that and she might be in with a shot at taking home the Miss World Africa title. 

PP: Very eloquent, very cheerful ... she is the person you could spend the whole day listening to and communicating with. I think great speakers are born, not made. I am certain her passions continue to inspire to inspire others.

BRAZIL: Gabrielle Vilela

Global Beauties Score: 90.50

GB: I was a judge at Miss Brazil this year and I am so incredibly proud of Gabrielle. Not only did I see her genuinely beautiful heart, kindness and sincerity in Brazil, but I also know how hard she's been working since she won the title and it is really showing. She is true Beauty With A Purpose and when I saw the work she had been doing in Brazil, I was just in awe. Even when you hear her speak about it in a language that is not even her mother tongue, you can hear her sincerity. You have worked hard for this and you deserve it, Gabrielle. Well done! 

PP: Missing the webcast of her nationals didn’t stop me from pursuing this beauty. Having her in Group 6 has finally allowed me to confirm how articulate and prepared she is to be Miss World.

BANGLADESH: Jessia Islam

Global Beauties Score: 79.50

GB: I am not going to lie... it started very rough. Her video was quite strange to me and I guess it must come down to a lack of time and perhaps even a real understanding of Miss World. The interview started a bit stiff for me, but she did well during the final question. 

PP: Thankfully, she was fated to represent her country instead the actual winner. I love how she lays out the big picture of the problem then carefully and matter-of-factly explains, in detail, how to solve it.

SOUTH AFRICA: Ade van Heerden

Global Beauties Score: 83.00

GB: Ade is extremely intelligent and articulate, but beauty wise I'm definitely favouring some of the other African queens. If I am completely honest, I will say that she spoke extremely well, perhaps even the best in the group, but what was lacking for me was a bit of warmth, which I just couldn't feel in this interview. 

PP: For the longest time, I was expecting her in another beauty pageant. Sending her to Miss World changes everything. It is interesting she would bring up being a woman in a man’s world. While it is a common thought to share in a pageant, I think this self-examination defines how women think in today’s world.