Miss World 2017 Head to Head Challenge Groups 7 and 8 Review

Eight Head to Head Challenges have now been completed and filming at the Chimelong Ocean Kingdom in Zhuhai has been completed. The delegates have now moved on to the final venue of the pageant, Sanya, where the 67th Miss World will be crowned. For our review of groups 7 and 8, Global Beauties is honoured and delighted to have Miss World expert and the creator and owner of The Times of Beauty, Edwin Toledo, as our guest judge. Edwin has been following Miss World since he was a teenager and has deep understanding of everything that is Miss World. He joins Global Beauties' Andre Sleigh for these rounds' analysis. 

GUAM: Destiny Cruz

Global Beauties Score: 81.50

GB: What a lovely surprise. I thought she was very sweet and extremely well-spoken. She has a gorgeous smile and I don't mean that in the figurative sense of the expression. She's beautiful - I do think Guam sends really solid competitors from time to time, but they are often overlooked. 

ET: I was pleasently surprised with Guam. I loved her answers. She gave a very bubbly youthful vibe during her introduction and certainly seems like a nice girl. Not the best styling though. Probably one of the most complete girls from Guam since their return to Miss World back in 2011. The second best of this group in my opinion.


Global Beauties Score: 67.50

ET: She looks better in video than in pictures but I don't think Miss World is her pageant. Very modelesque. She came off quite stoic during her introduction although she expressed herself well.

GB: Like Edwin, I was impressed by her ability to articulate her thoughts in English, although like many other delegates from her region, I couldn't sense much warmth or energy from the way she spoke. She does seem lovely and I like the fact that she actually tried to include Frankie in the conversation. She got extra points from me for doing that because it set her apart from the rest. 

MACAU (CHINA): Cloe Lan Wan-Ling

Global Beauties Score: 71.00

GB: In terms of pure beauty, I don't find her that intriguing but I was impressed with the way she presented herself. She is extremely well-spoken and I found her project extremely interesting. 

ET: Her presentation was good and expresses herself quite well in English. I liked the way she answered about the issue of teaching in rural China. She's probably the best looking girl among the China, Hong Kong and Macau group. I found her to be quite engaging. I wish her the best in her career as a writer.

HONDURAS: Celia Monterros

Global Beauties Score: 60.00

ET: She was confident while speaking which is always a plus. However, her answer was clichéd and felt somewhat rehearsed. Kudos for studying odontology. She seems passionate about her future career and her goals.

GB: Though I don't speak Spanish, I usually enjoy listening to Latinas speak due to the fact that they usually have charm in abundance. I must say, however, that I didn't find Celia's interview that engaging. I do think she's really focused and driven, so kudos to her for that. 

ICELAND: Ólafía Ósk Finnsdótti

Global Beauties Score: 70.00

GB: I keep going from hot to cold with Iceland this year. Yes, she has the raw goods and I see in her some real potential, but she's just so inconsistent. I wish she had a bit more time to prepare. She seems sweet but I couldn't decide if I found her charming or rehearsed. She could have done more with her final question. Beauty wise, I was impressed. As for the interview, not that much. I'm not ready to count her out just yet, though. 

ET: Her presentation was underwhelming. She seems to be a nice girl and exudes calmness in the way she talks although she looked a bit nervous at the final question. Maybe too shy for a beauty pageant.


Global Beauties Score: 86.00

ET: By far the best of the group and in my opinion the strongest of the Caribbean group. Her answer about using sports as a way to learn to improve yourself was very good and expressed herself quite eloquently. Her answer about seeing herself doing what she loves in five years was heartfelt. I have high expectations of the Dominican Republic on this year's pageant.

GB: Last year's delegate was incredible and following her is a tough, but Aletxa is doing well. She seems extremely focused, driven and she is an excellent communicator. She is strong, but Edwin, I'm going to have to say that I think Jamaica might give her a run for her money... or Miss World Caribbean title. 

The last group who filmed at Chimelong Ocean Park was Group 8: 

KENYA: Magline Jeruto

Global Beauties Score: 83.50

Edwin Toledo (ET): What a face. I find her the contestant with the most beautiful face of the competition. I wish she showed more confidence while answering her questions. I found her somewhat rehearsed in both of her answers. Her final answer was not as great as her first. Nevertheless, she's a strong contestant.

GB: Personally, I find some of the other African delegates stronger in terms of beauty, but I do agree with Edwin that she is another strong delegate from Kenya. I also felt that she came across as rehearsed and couldn't get a clear sense of what her personality is like. I found her final question interesting, but wished she has made it more personal. 

IRELAND: Lauren McDonagh

Global Beauties Score: 65.00

GB: I think she did quite well but she is very young and it really showed. I guess in her case it's really just a lack of exposure and perhaps life experience. She struggled a bit on her final question. 

ET: Pretty girl. I thought she looked somewhat nervous during her first answer. Not the best outfit and styling. I really commend her for her volunteer work in a children's hospice. Her final answer was quite weak.

RUSSIA: Polina Popova

Global Beauties Score: 94.50

GB: OK, she is definitely the front-runner so far. She is gorgeous but not in a conventional (or just boring) way. Her beauty is interesting and I think she could easily be a supermodel. She also speaks a bit of Chinese, which will help her a lot, and she has a good command of English. They came close last time in Sanya, but they might go all the way this year, especially after her interesting thoughts about the host nation. 

ET: Gorgeous girl. I wish she spoke as confident as she was during her presentation video on her first answer. I felt she came off a bit shy. Overall, she seems to be a charming girl. Her choice in her final answer was interesting considering that language as an invention is a subject of debate. I have high expectations of her.

CYPRUS: Helena Tselepi

Global Beauties Score: 64.00

ET: I wish she would've spoke in her native language because she came off nervous. I didn't find her engaging in any of her answers.

GB: Helena struggled to convey her ideas , which made the interview quite hard. It must have been quite stressful for her, so I would like to commend her for trying her best. She seemed like a sincere person though and it is good that came across as some of the more articulate delegates couldn't achieve that. 

MONGOLIA: Enkhjin Tseveendash

Global Beauties Score: 80.00

ET: I really liked her. Came off calm and serene. I enjoyed listening to her father's story of climbing the Everest twice and the lessons she learned from him. Her final answer was great. A very complete contestant.

GB: First, I have to mentioned that I was captivated by her video and it made me want to visit Mongolia. It was really a job well done. I thought she was really pretty and charming. The popular vote might catapult her into the next round and I think it would be well-deserved. 


Global Beauties Score: 71.00

ET: I was very surprised by her. She was very confident and eloquent in her first answer although she stumbled a bit in her final answer. Quite engaging.

GB: Her video was quite touching and she started off quite well, but she did struggle with the final question. In general, she is a step up for Singapore.