Miss World: Global Beauties Third Leaderboard

With just over a week to go, Global Beauties' panel of judges feel that the race to the Miss World crown is still wide open. The Head to Head Challenges have been eye-opening and it sees like we are in for a treat. It's been a real treat to watch the girls in action and hearing them speak in this type of setting. Kudos to the Miss World team for devising this challenging and executing it in a high quality way. We are anxious to see the results, but in the meantime, this is what our panel from the Philippines, the UK, the USA, South Africa, Brazil, Finland and Belgium thought: 


Three leaderboards with three different leaders. France is our new number one, climbing four spots after cracking the top 5 in our last leaderboard. Mexico has also gained a spit in this round moving in to second place ahead of the two power blondes from the United States and Russia who have both fallen two spots. Spain has moved up three spots this time and is a new addition to the top 5. El Salvador has now lost her place in the top 5, but just barely and India is continuing to gain momentum as has made jumped more than ten places in this round. Brazil and Australia are holding steady in the top 10 while beautiful Tanzania has finally cracked our top 10. 

Leaderboard designed by Michael Bailey!