Who will be Miss Venezuela 2017 - GB's Picks!

The 65th edition of the Miss Venezuela Pageant will take place later today and 24 spectacular from the country that's famous for its beauty will compete for the crown. The winner of Miss Venezuela 2017 will represent the country at the 67th Miss Universe Competition in 2018. Who will take home the crown this year. We here at Global Beauties have taken a look at this year's impressive line-up and it's time to meet Global Beauties' Picks for Miss Venezuela 2017: 


Miss Bolivar, Angela del Valle Zárraga Malavé (22, 1.75m) 

Angela would make a spectacular Miss Venezuela. She is absolutely gorgeous and would definitely turn heads at Miss Universe. We would be excited to follow her reign as Miss Venezuela. 

Miss Miranda, Oriana Cristina Gil Rondón (20, 1.79m) 

She's tall, sexy and everything about her screams Miss Venezuela. We would certainly not be unhappy if Oriana takes it all tonight. 

Miss Vargas, Veruska Ljubisavljevic (26, 1.78m) *** GB's Miss Venezuela 2017*** 

We are absolutely mesmerised by Veruska's beauty and feel that it's almost as if we are seeing one of our favourite Miss Venezuela's of all times, Carolina Izaak (MV 1991) again. Will Veruska go all the way tonight? 


Miss Falcon, Biliannis Guillermina Álvarez Chirino (19, 1.79) 

Call us crazy for putting Miss Falcon as just a safe bet but we are definitely not disregarding her chances. We feel that she's got the look that you would expect from a Miss Venezuela and that's why we think having her in our top choices is a safe bet. 

Miss Tachira, María Sofía Contreras Trujillo (18, 1.72m) 

From some angles, she remembles the reigning Miss World, Stephanie Del Valle. Though she is quite young, Maria Sofia could easily be transformed into a spectacular Miss Venezuela. 


Miss Delta Amaruco, Sthefany Gutiérrez (18, 1.78m) 

Sthefany is definitely someone who can take home the crown as she has a lot of charisma and her beauty is quite unique. 

Miss Distrito Capital, Sofía Santa Rodríguez (23, 1.78m)

Though we are not completely blown away by her, we are going to call her the blonde most likely to make an impact. 

Who do you think will or should be the next Miss Venezuela?