Miss Supranational 2013, the 5th edition: a historical event!

The baby pageant among the Grand Slam beauty contests has done an amazing job in 2013, showing the planet that it has come to stay. With a phenomenal production and stage, stunning candidates and innovative elements, it has impressed millions around the globe. We should also mention overall fair results (GB predicted 18 of 20 semi-finalists, and the other two also deserved to be up there), and a great winner, the first from Asia: Mutya Datul of the Philippines.

As a matter of fact, it was history in the making for several countries. Here are some facts and tidbits about this year’s pageant and its results:

* Miss Philippines made history when crowning Asia’s first Miss Supranational winner. Now Philippines has winners in 4 of the 5 Grand Slam pageants (2 Misses Universe, 4 Misses International, 1 Miss Tourism Queen Int’l, 1 Miss Supranational), and if it wins Miss World on September 28, something many pageant observers believe can happen, it will be the only nation on the planet to have conquered all Grand Slam titles!

*  Lupital Jones, how did you miss on Jacqueline Morales?? She did not advance to compate at Nuestra Belleza Mexico (Miss Mexico Universe and World), and now she places 2nd in Miss Supranational. This woman is a stunner, possibly Mexico’s best Grand Slam candidate of 2013. Well done, Mexico!

* Leyla Kose of Turkey, another impressive and very intelligent beauty, has many good reasons to celebrate, after all, she achieved Turkey’s best result in a Grand Slam pageant since its Miss World victory in 2002: 3rd place for Turkey in Minsk!

* This is only the second time in history that Indonesia has a Grand Slam finalist (the first was in 1977, when Indonesia placed 3rd in Miss International). Cokorda’s 4th place should be celebrated by her countrymen!

* The U.S. Virgin Islands has its first ever finalist in a Grand Slam pageant, Esonica Veira, 5th place, a vibrant and phenomenal young women. There will be party on this beautiful Caribbean archipelago!

* Although the “Top 5″ was “fair and square”, some other beauties could also have easily been there after their performances on stage. Australia, Brazil, Russia, Ukraine, Latvia, Puerto Rico, Venezuela and India are good examples.

* Luxembourg has made history with the very beautiful Heloise Paulmier, her country’s only 2nd woman to place in a Grand Slam pageant in all history. Very well-deserved, we shall add!

* Myanmar has lots of fans, and we are sure they are now celebrating: Khin Wint Wah will be marked in history for being the first ever woman from Myanmar to reach semi-finalist status in a major beauty contest. She’s lovely and was very happy and proud with her accomplishment. So are we!

* Gabon has also had its first Grand Slam placement and Queen of Afica. Hillary Ondo completely deserved her placement and title, as predicted by GB one day before. Wonderful beauty! Africa had some other excellent representatives this year, like Togo (she looked impressive at the final event!), Zimbabwe, Rwanda, bright Miss Reunion, and the list goes on…

* Miss Supranational Venezuela had lots of supporters at Minsk Sports’ Arena, and she did an excellent job, shinning all night long and proving that other organizations (besides Miss Venezuela) and candidates can do a good job in her country as well.

* If there was an award for “Best Body”, without a doubt Miss Argentina would have taken it. Beautiful contestant!

* The only European delegate to have placed in the Top 5 was also Asian: Turkey. Some stunning candidates, such as Russia, Ukraine, Poland and Latvia, did not move forward from the “Top 20″.

* Speaking of Europe, Belarus’ victory as Miss Supranational Europe came as the most surprising result of the night. Placing in the Top 20 was expected though. In any case, congratulations to this young girl (17) who once again made her country proud. Belarus has an impressive running in Miss Supranational, and should remain on the Top of Miss Supranational’s ranking (we are waiting for the official placements, from number 6 to number 20 to update it).

* A few candidates tied for the 19th and 20th spots, after the preliminary voting. The ones who barely missed the semi-finals, tied in 21st placed, were Misses Iceland, Panama, Slovakia and Sweden. Miss Azerbaijan finished in 25th place, one vote behind them (special thanks to Miss Supranational organization for sharing it with GB).

* Miss Curaçao, the girl who found out she was pregnant days before the conclusion of Miss Supranational, watched the show at the Sports Arena, sitting on the first row and looking gorgeous! She is very happy with her baby, and we are sure will be welcomed with open arms by her family and boyfriend when going back home. We wish her only the best!

* Over 5000 people crowded the Sports Arena in Minsk, and one of the greatest moments in the pageants was when last year’s winner, from Belarus, entered the stage. Belarusians went wild in appreciation for their queen! Katya looked stunning, as always.

* Again we must congratulate Belarus for a beautiful country and a very professional team. Everything ran well and overall comments from the candidates and national directors were very positive. Also congratulations to Miss Supranational organizers and crew for an amazing, upbeat, and innovating show. You all rocked!!

Long live, Miss Supranational!!

Philippines wins Miss Supranational 2013

Stunning Miss Philippines, Mutya Johanna Datul, 21 years old, 1.72 m-tall, was crowned Miss Supranational 2013 at Minsk’s Sports Palace at a dazzling event which took place on September 6th. She had already won the “Miss Personality” award and was always one of the big favorites for the title. The first runner-up was Miss Mexico, Jacqueline Morales (23), 2nd runner-up was Miss Turkey, Leyla Kose, 4th runner-up was Miss Indonesia, Cokorda Istri Krisnanda Widani (21), and 4th runner-up was Miss U.S. Virgin Islands, Esonica Veira (24).

20130906_205824Semi-finalists came from Gabon, Hillary Ondo (Miss Supranational Africa), Brazil, Raquel Benetti (Miss Supranational Americas), Australia, Esma Voloder (Miss Supranational Asia & Oceania), Belarus, Veronika Chachyna (Miss Supranational Europe), Myanmar, Khin Wint Wah (Miss Internet), Puerto Rico, Desireé Del Río de Jesus (Miss Photogenic), Venezuela, Annie Fuenmayor, India, Ukraine, Kateryna Sandulova, Luxembourg, Heloise Paulmier, Latvia, Diana Kubasova, Russia, Yana Dubnik, Canada, Suzette Hernandez, Poland, Angelika Ogryzek and Thailand, Thanyaporn Srisen.

Miss Nicaragua, Alejandra Gross, won the Best National Costume award. Miss Sweden, Sally Lindgren, was Miss Elegance.

The Top 20 was absolutely fair and within the expected.