Czech Republic wins Mister Global 2016

Chiang Mai, Thailand – May 6, 2016 – In front of a global audience, Mister Global Czech Republic Tomáš Martinka was crowned MISTER GLOBAL 2016 at the Chiang Mai Hall in Chiang Mail Central Plaza Airport in Chiang Mai, Thailand. The 3rd Annual MISTER GLOBAL Pageant was streamed live on

Throughout the two-hour event, contestants from 30 countries competed in four categories: Northern Thailand traditional costume, swimwear, evening wear and interview. The webcast concluded with MISTER GLOBAL 2015 Nguyen Van Son from Vietnam crowning his successor.

Final Results:

Mister Global 2016: Mister Global Czech Republic Tomáš Martinka
First Runner-up: Mister Global Thailand Tawatchai Jaikhan
Second Runner-up: Mister Global Spain Chema Malavia

Third Runner-up: Mister Global Brazil Giba Pignatti

Fourth Runner-up: Mister Global Singapore Noel Ng

Top Ten: Mister Global Korea Gi Jung Kim
Mister Global Malaysia Asyraf Nordin
Mister Global Myanmar Linn Maung
Mister Global Nepal Dikpal Karki
Mister Global Philippines Mark Louie Bornilla

Top Sixteen: Mister Global Guam Jaren Guerrero
Mister Global India Prateek Baid
Mister Global Japan Yusuke Fujita
Mister Global Peru Ronald Freddy Mayorga Peixoto
Mister Global Puerto Rico Dexter Colón
Mister Global USA Leaon Gordon

Mister Global People’s Choice Award: Mister Global Thailand Tawatchai Jaikhan. The audience voted for their favorite contestant into the semifinals.

Mister Global Internet Popularity Award: Mister Global Philippines Mark Louie Bornilla. The internet fans voted for their favorite contestant into the semifinals.

Mister Photogenic Award: Mister Global Spain Chema Malavia. A special panel of experts voted for the contestant who exemplifies handsomeness through the lens of a camera.

Mister Congeniality Award: Mister Global Guam Jaren Guerrero. The award reflects the respect and admiration of the contestant’s peers, who voted for him as the most congenial, charismatic and inspirational contestant.

Best National Costume Award: Mister Global Sri Lanka Isuru Nagoda. The award is presented to the contestant who displayed his country’s pride and spirit best in costume.

Best Physique Award: Mister Global Turkey Umut Mirza. The award is given to the contestant with the best physique with a commitment to fitness.

Best Talent Award: Mister Global Malaysia Asyraf Nordin. The award is bestowed upon the contestant who vowed the judges with his talent presentation.

Mister Charming Smile Award: Mister Global Singapore Noel Ng. The judges voted the contestant with the best overall appeal with an emphasize on having a great smile.

GB opinion: Results were fair as square, with the 4 big favorites placing 1st to 4th. The winner completely deserves the title. Singapore was a pleasant surprise and deserved his 5th position. This contest has been improving year after year, showing a decent production and good quality webcast on You Tube. What it still needs to improve: overall level of candidates, with the Mister Global Org. working with stronger national organizations in most countries; representatives of pageant powerhouses such as Venezuela, Australia, Mexico, and representatives from the African continent and non-Hyspanic Caribbean nations. Nevertheless, it is today, without a doubt, one of the top 4 male pageants in the world, behind Mr World and Mr International, and right next to Manhunt International (which we all hope will return someday…). Good job!