Lebanon confirms status of favorite and wins its 3rd Mister International title, in 2016

Paul Iskander of Lebanon confirmed his status of favoritism and was elected Mister International 2016 in an event held in Bangkok, Thailand. Second place was a very surprising Mister Japan, Masaya Yamagishi, while the third position went to the other favorite of the night, Italy´s Vinicio Modolo.

Usually inspired by everything related to Miss Universe, Miss International copied some of the changes the American contest had in its last edition, like for instance having a Top 9, a Top 6 and a Top 3.

Placing in the Top 6 were the representatives of Netherlands, Vietnam and Thailand.

Top 9 semi-finalists were Spain, Lativia and India.

The group of Top 16 quarter-finalists had Sri Lanka, Brazil, Czech Republic, Venezuela, Australia, Mexico, and the winner of the popular voting, Philippines.

For the first time in history, Indonesia did not advance to the next round of competition when competing in Mister International. Other surprises among those who did not make the cut were Guam, Puerto Rico and Hong Kong. Not a single candidate from the Americas advanced to the Top 9, a first in Mister International history.

The special awards´winners were:

National Costume: Nepal
Mister Photogenic: Puerto Rico
Mister Congeniality: Australia
Mister Telegenic: Sri Lanka
Missosology People’s Choice: Philippines
Getz Emperor Model: Japan

Paul Iskander is a professional basketball player who was born in France by Lebanese parents. Currently living in Beirut, he has a BA in Physical Education and studies Law. He is very tall, standing at 2.04 meter (6´9). Paul was the winner of Mister Lebanon 2016, one of the best produced and most celebrated national contests on the globe (Mister Lebanon actually had a much more elaborated production than Mister International this year). The new Mister International is 24 years old.

The production

If not as bad as what was seen in 2014, in Korea, this year´s production was way bellow what Mister International can deliver as has done in the past. The stage was very simple, lighting was extremely poor and the show started with a delay of one hour and fourty minutes. Presenters were ok, but far from excellent, and the webcast, including camera work and video quality, was bellow average (but at least allowed international fans to follow it live).

There is no comparison with the amazing show put together in the Philippines the year before.

MI also needs to work on its PR. Press coverage was limited.

What saved the night and the year, without a doubt, was Mister Lebanon´s victory, which was well deserved. He received the sash from the hands of Pedro Mendes of Switzerland, the 2015 winner. The winner will sign a 15,000 USD-contract with the Mister International organization.

Thirty-five candidates competed for the title in Mister International´s 11th edition. The 12th Mister International, which shall correspond to 2017, is expected to happen later this year.