Serbia wins Mister Universal Ambassador 2016

The second edition of Mister Universal Ambassador took place in the city of Surabaya, Indonesia. The winner was Serbia, Aleksa Gavrilovic. The 1st runner-up was Vietnam, Truong Ngoc Tinh, followed by Peru, Jesus Becerra Cerna (2nd runner-up), Dominican Republic, Alejandro Martinez (3rd runner-up), and Philippines, Andrea Biondo (4th runner-up).

uni3Top 10 finishers were Algeria, Brazil, Malaysia, Spain and Macau. Quarter-finalists (top 15) were the representatives of Puerto Rico, Sweden, Australia, Indonesia and Azerbaijan.

Aleksa Gravilovic, the new title holder, is 24, holds a BA in Political Sciences and hails from the city of Novi Sad.

48 candidates competed for the title.

About the contest: After 10 days of great activities in Bali, the candidates embarked on a 10-hour bus journey to Surubaya, where the final event took place. The show started over an hour late and lasted for nearly four hours. Musical performances were far from being outstanding and a bunch of children received sashes on stage. There were no original elements to it, and as most male pageants, it attempted to copy the Miss Universe formula.

The level of candidates was high, results seemed fair, but the final show needs a lot of improvement for it to reach the level of other contests of this nature, like Mr World, Mister International, Manhunt International and even Mister Global, who came a long way in just three years.

Nonetheless, it has improved from last year´s edition and has lots of potential to grow.

We wish the winner the  best of luck during his year of reign!