GB Awards 2015: Miss World is Pageant of the Year!

Ok, its production may not have been as good as in London 2014 or in other previous years, but to be considered the VERY BEST among the BEST, it takes more, MUCH MORE!

No Grand Slam winner traveled or worked more than the spectacular Rolene Strauss, already a myth in pageant history. Its charity work is also unmatchable. Then it has more participant nations (mostly chosen in national contests dedicated to it) than any other Grand Slam pageant. The biggest television audience, so on and so forth.

It needs no publicity stunt to stand out and it gives more opportunities for the future of women who know beauty goes way beyond plastic surgeries and body perfection than any other event of this nature.

No doubt, for Best Grand Slam Pagent of the Year, the Yulia goes to MISS WORLD!! Congratulations!!


Complete results:

Miss Universe placed 2nd with much improvement in terms of production in this post-Trump era. That is, until that wrong announcement, a true shame which prevented it even to be considered for this award. This is something that CANNOT happen.

Way bellow the BIG two, we have two events that only grow… In 3rd place, Miss Grand International. MGI 2014 Lees Garcia traveled more than Miss Universe doing charity and promoting talks of peace. She had her own apartment in Bangkok. Its television production was the best of 2015, even better than Universe and World. Wrong winner, we have always said that, but now, after her dethroning, MGI has in Claire Elizabeth Parker a superb title holder. There’s been tremendous improvement as far as the level of contestants, but there’s much room for improvement there as well.

Miss Supranational was telecast in over 100 countries (not live, though) and had the best winner of 2015. Its production though, was not as good as in previews years. Level of candidates was high, as usual. It placed 4th and knows what must be done to improve.

Miss International has tradition and a phenomenal winner, Edymar Martinez. Its production is shameful. No international telecast. Very little press attention. Cultural activities in Japan were great. But it needs improvement, MUCH IMPROVEMENT. Please, save Miss International while there’s time! It’s a pageant tradition we all love.

Other winners:

And the Yulia goes to…

Winner: Valerie Abou Chacra – Lebanon World

Nominees: Canada Supranational – Siera Bearchell, India Grand – Vartika Singh, Paraguay Supranational – Stephania Vasquez Stegman, Venezuela International – Edymar Martinez

Winner: Edymar Martinez, Venezuela International 

Nominees: Colombia Supranational – Mónica Castaño, Colombia Universe – Ariadna Gutierrez, Dominican Republic Universe – Clarissa Molina, Paraguay Supranational – Stephania Vasquez Stegman, Thailand Grand – Rattikorn Kunsom

Winner: Paraguay Supranational – Stephania Vasquez Stegman

Nominees: Colombia Universe – Ariadna Gutierrez, France Universe – Flora Coquerel, Philippines Universe – Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach,  Spain World – Mireia Lalaguna

Winner: Colombia Universe – Ariadna Gutierrez

Nominees: Brazil Grand – Paula Gomes, Dominican Republic Universe – Clarissa Molina, Paraguay Supranational – Stephania Vasquez, Edymar Martinez, Venezuela International

Winner: Canada Supranational – Siera Bearchell

Nominees: Australia Grand – Claire Elizabeth Parker, Jamaica World – Sanneta Myrie, Kenya International – Eunice Onyango, Philippines Universe – Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach

Winner: Jamaica World – Sanneta Myrie

Nominees: Canada Supranational – Siera Bearchell, Indonesia World – Maria Harfanti, Sri Lanka Grand – Ornella Gunesekere,  Tonga Grand – Sicilia Makisi

Australia Supranational – Christiana Fischer

Nominees: Kenya International – Eunice Onyango, Malaysia Supranational – Tanisha Demour, Thailand Grand – Rattikorn Kunsom, USA Universe – Olivia Jordan

Winner: Trần Ngọc LAN KHUÊ, Vietnam World

Nominees: Colombia Universe – Ariadna Gutierrez, Valerie Abou Chacra – Lebanon World, Myanmar Supranational – L Bawk Nue,  Paraguay Supranational – Stephania Vasquez 

Winner: Thailand Grand – Rattikorn Kunsom

Indonesia Supranational – Gresya Amanda Maaliwuga, Nicaragua Universe – Daniela Torres, Philippines Grand – Parul Shah, Thailand Universe – Aniporn Chalermburanawong

Congratulations to all winners!!

Congratulations to all award winners, see you in the 2016 awards!!! Let the new pageant season begin!!