Miss Grand Slam 2013 is Megan Young!

Miss Grand Slam 2013 could be no other than Megan Young, the first woman from the Philippines to be crowned Miss World. The woman who gave pride to her nation when she was crowned in Bali, was always a favorite for the Miss World title, right next to Brazil’s Sancler Frantz, for most her main competition in Miss World and in the Grand Slam. In Miss World, for some unknown reason, Sancler dropped from 2nd to 5th place at the last minute, but here she stands at a well-deserved 2nd position. Patricia Rodriguez of Spain, the Miss Universe favorite who finished 2nd, takes bronze (Miss Grand Slam’s 2nd runner-up).

Rounding out the Top 5 we have Miss Myanmar Supranational, Khin Wint Wah, who thanks to her fans’ support, won the award Miss Grand Slam Popularity 2013, and finished the competition in 4th place (the most voted among fans in this final round, would earn an extra position). Gabriela Isler, Venezuela’s 7th Miss Universe, finished in 5th place.

This is the first time since 1998, when the award was launched by Global Beauties, that a woman from the Philippines wins the Miss Grand Slam title.

See the complete results:

Miss Grand Slam 2013

Miss Grand Slam 2013 – Megan Young, Miss Philippines World
2nd place – Sancler Frantz, Miss Brazil World
3rd place – Patricia Rodriguez, Miss Spain Universe

4th place – Myanmar Supranational
4th place – Venezuela Universe

TOP 10

6th place – France World
7th place – Philippines Supranational
8th place – Ghana World
9th place – Ecuador Universe
10th place – Latvia Supranational

Regional winners:

Miss Grand Slam Africa – Ghana World
Miss Grand Slam Americas – Brazil World
Miss Grand Slam Asia – Philippines World
Miss Grand Slam Caribbean – U.S. Virgin Islands Supranational
Miss Grand Slam Europe – Spain Universe
Miss Grand Slam Oceania – Australia Supranational

Special Award:

Miss Grand Slam Popularity – Myanmar Supranational
Miss Grand Slam World – Philippines
Miss Grand Slam Universe – Spain
Miss Grand Slam Supranational – Myanmar
Miss Grand Slam International – Philippines
Miss Grand Slam Tourism Queen – Latvia

Congratulations, Megan Young of the Philippines! You are MISS GRAND SLAM 2013, the best among the very best in 2013!!

Meet all Miss Grand Slam winners:

2013 – Megan Young, Philippines World
2012 – Atong DeMach, South Sudan World
2011 – Ivian Sarcos, Venezuela World
2010 – Angela Martini, Albania Universe
2009 – Perla Beltran, Mexico World
2008 – Dayana Mendoza, Venezuela Universe
2007 – Honey Lee, Korea Universe
2006 – Sabrina Houssami, Australia World
2005 – Natalie Glebova, Canada Universe
2004 – Jennifer Hawkins, Australia Universe
2003 – Rosanna Davison, Ireland World
2002 – Christina Sawaya, Lebanon International
2001 – Denise Quiñones, Puerto Rico Universe
2000 – Lara Dutta, India Universe
1999 – Diana Nogueira, Spain Universe
1998 – Wendy Fitzwilliam, Trinidad & Tobago Universe