Sexiest Woman Alive 2014

Jana Zapletalova, the stunning representative of Czech Republic first in Miss Grand International 2014 and then in Miss Supranational 2014, was named by Global Beauties the Sexiest Woman Alive 2014-15. She was chosen among the nearly 500 beauties who competed in Miss World, Miss Universe, Miss Supranational, Miss Grand and Miss International last year.

In Miss Supranational, Jana nailed the preliminary interview and entered the Top 20 in first place, with a perfect score. Her charm, sense of humor, beauty, and of course, sex appeal, blew the preliminary judges away!

On stage, she was also a bomb, in the best sense of the word. Jana conquered the Miss Supranational Europe title and placed 6th. She’s now the SEXIEST WOMAN ALIVE for 2014-15.

Any crazy one could argue our choice?