Beauty with a Purpose: Miss World, Mr. World, Julia Morley and finalists in South Africa

Reigning Miss World Stephanie del Valle joined Mr World Rohit Khandelwal, MWO President Julia Morley and the Continental Queens of Beauty in a trip to South Africa to participate in the "Stop Hunger Now" tour as part of the Beauty with a Purpose Initiative.

One of the highlights of the event was that BWAP will sponsor a bus travel to and from school for all the children in the Mveso area which covers a community of 20,000 people.

Chief Mandela (grandson of the late Nelson Mandela) had told of his sadness that the children had no bus to take them to school meaning that many either missed school or faced extremely long walks in extreme temperatures to reach it.

Julia Morley immediately offered to fund a daily bus service for the children. The announcement was received with great joy by children and parents alike. "It is our responsibility to give all children nutrition and education" said Julia "it makes it all the more worthwhile when you are here to see the results."

Stephanie Del Valle wrote a letter about her experiences with the tour.

"Beauty with a Purpose has no borders. Julia Morley meant it to be that way. Young people across the globe helping each other in their projects and helping Julia in BWAP International projects.

We all feel so proud to be able to contribute to her work. I have learnt so much in my first visit to South Africa. Chief Mandela has inspired all of us with his words. It is an honour to play a part in fulfilling the legacy of his grandfather President Nelson Mandela. 67 minutes of giving can have a massive impact

We gave our 67 minutes to Rise Against Hunger Africa (6 to 7 days as it turned out). Education is the key to a better future and better life but without nourishment it is impossible to achieve. This is why Rise Against Hunger Africa is so effective It supports the children at the critical time in their Early Childhood development combining nourishment with access to education.

Our visit to Mveso, Qunu and Alexandra will live with us forever. The people have been so friendly we have felt honoured to share time with them .

Thank you Chief Mandela for giving us this opportunity to be a part of fulfilling your grandfathers legacy. You have inspired us all with your words and led us to do great things for those who need our help .

We remember former President Nelson Mandela on this great day 18th July and we offer our 67 minutes of service to his memory.

Goodbye South Africa!! We will be back soon."

Stephanie Del Valle - Miss World