Miss Grand Slam 2016 is Ariska Putri Pertiwi of Indonesia!


Ariska Putri Pertiwi, Miss Grand Indonesia and Miss Grand International 2016, has been elected MISS GRAND SLAM 2016, becoming the first woman from Indonesia (and from Miss Grand International) to be considered the very best among the best in the year.

It was not an easy choice. In a year in which all five Grand Slam contests made correct choices (4 of them reached the Top 5 in GB´s annual competition, something rare), Ariska and Iris Mittenaere, Miss Universe France and Miss Universe 2016), were one notch ahead of all others and actually tied for first place. Since there could be only one winner, after much talk and deliberation, our judges decided that Ariska was to be chosen as Miss Grand Slam 2017!

A student of Medicine at Islamic of North Sumatera University, Indonesia, Ariska was 21 years old when she was crowned Miss Grand International, in Las Vegas. Beautiful, elegant, kind and a great speaker, Ariska truly represents the modern Indonesian woman and her values.

Congratulations, Miss Grand Slam 2017, you are truly amazing and once again a deserving queen!!

Final Results - Top 5

Miss Grand Slam 2017: Ariska Putri Pertiwi, Indonesia Grand
2nd place:  Iris Mittenaere, France Universe
3rd place: Stephanie Del Valle, Puerto Rico World
4th place: Madison Anderson, Puerto Rico Grand
5th place: Srinidhi Ramesh Shetty

Top 10

6th place - Indonesia International, Felicia Hwang
7th place - Kenya World, Evelyn Njambi
8th place - Philippines World - Catriona Grey
9th place - Colombia Universe, Andrea Tovar
10th place - Thailand Grand, Supaporn Malisorn

Regional Winners

Miss Grand Slam Asia: Ariska Putri Pertiwi, Indonesia Grand
 Miss Grand Slam Europe: Iris Mittenaere, France Universe
Miss Grand Slam Caribbean: Stephanie Del Valle, Puerto Rico World
Miss Grand Slam Africa: Evelyn Njambi, Kenya World
Miss Grand Slam Americas: Andrea Tovar, Colombia Universe
Miss Grand Slam Oceania: Deborah Miller, Australia World

All Winners:

2016 - Ariska Putri Pertiwi, Indonesia Grand.
2015 –Stephania Stegman, Paraguay Supranational.
2014 – Rolene Strauss, South Africa World.
2013 – Megan Young, Philippines World.
2012 – Atong DeMach, South Sudan World.
2011 – Ivian Sarcos, Venezuela World.
2010 – Angela Martini, Albania Universe.
2009 – Perla Beltrán, México World.
2008 – Dayana Mendoza, Venezuela Universe.
2007 – Honey Lee, Korea Universe.
2006 – Sabrina Houssami, Australia World.
2005 – Natalie Glebova, Canada Universe.
2004 – Jennifer Hawkins, Australia Universe.
2003 – Rosanna Davison, Ireland World.
2002 – Christina Sawaya, Lebanon International.
2001 – Denise Quiñones, Puerto Rico Universe.
2000 – Lara Dutta, India Universe.
1999 – Diana Nogueira, Spain Universe.
1998 – Wendy Fitzwilliam, Trinidad & Tobago Universe

Congratulations to the new Miss Grand Slam!!!!