19th Global Beauties Awards - Best Pre-Pageant Activities - Miss Grand International


WINNER: Miss Grand International
2nd place: Miss World
3rd place: Miss International

Not only Miss Grand International had very well produced preliminary competition events in Vietnam, but there were also high level gala dinners, receptions, cultural events, field trips to local tourist attractions, and all of that with quality live webcasts, taking the action to the fans at real time. A friendly and caring staff made sure that the candidates felt comfortable and enjoyed the days preceding the final night. Miss Grand International is the undisputed winner in this category.

Working alongside the Chinese company Silk Road, Miss World gained some very interesting pre-pageant activities as well this year, many more than in previous years. Its Head-to-Head challenge was a great innovation, and it kept the sports, top model and evening wear competitions, trademarks of Miss World, all nicely produced. The downside of having such events in China, is that it usually takes a lot of time to make photos and videos available to the pageant followers, and when they finally come, days have passed and new stuff is going on. However, Miss World improved a lot in terms of cultural and tourist attractions related activities, taking the silver Yulia in the category for 2017. In third place in Miss International, doing what it does best: giving its candidates a taste of the Japanese culture.

Miss Supranational (4th) also had more activities for the candidates than in previous years. The preliminary swimsuit competition was nice. Miss Universe disappointed its fans big time, with a very cheap production for the preliminary competition, one of the most awaited moments by the fans. We can only hope it was a one time mistake.

Congratulations to Miss Grand International, the Yulia winner in the Best Pre-Pageant Activities in 2017!!

2016 winner: Miss Universe (Philippines)