19th Global Beauties Awards - Best Soundtrack - Miss Universe


WINNER: Miss Universe
2nd place: Miss Grand International
3rd place: Miss Supranational

The Top 3 in this category usually does well, presenting proper music choices for all segments of the final show, and this year was not different. In 2017 the Yulia for Best Soundtrack goes to Miss Universe, not only for its excellent music performances, like Fergie, who really set the mood for the evening gown competition, but also for its original scores, always perfect for suspense, candidates´ presentation and the crowning moment. Excellent job!

Miss Grand International also scored very high here, with rightly mixed current hits in all parts of the competition. Then we have Miss Supranational and the remakes of present and past hit songs which give energy and fun to its candidates´many stage presentations and dancing. Miss Supra took the bronze medal.

Although Miss World also has beautiful original tracks, especially for the last block and crowning moment, in 2017 it alternated good and not so good musical performances, and there was no runway competitions in the final telecast, which means no good music to go with them. Miss International, as we all know, is quite traditional and outdated, also when music is the subject. If there was a prize for "Best Elevator Music", the Japanese pageant would easily take it.

Congratulations to Miss Universe, the Yulia winner for Best Soundrack in 2017! 

2016 winner: Miss Supranational