19th Global Beauties Awards - Best Stage - Miss Supranational


WINNER: Miss Supranational
2nd place: Miss Universe
3rd place: Miss Grand International

Here is what Miss Supranational does best: a fantastic high tech stage which always mesmerizes us! It is no surprise that Miss Supra took another Yulia for its collection of Best Stage virtual trophies. It´s not only the stage, but also the lights, the media displayed on the giant led screens and camera work that create the magic when it´s show time. Phenomenal describes it once again!

Miss Universe did not come much further behind, taking the 2nd position. If the premilimary events for Miss Universe 2017 were a disaster, its final show was one of the best of the decade, and the stunning stage put together in Vegas certainly helped. Another very impressive stage production took place in Vietnam, giving Miss Grand International the 3rd position. It looked absolutely beautiful.

Miss World did not make the Top 3, though it also scored high. It was not too big, but functional and looked great at all times of the international telecast. Miss International had its usual old fashioned and very simple stage, taking number 5 in this category.

Congratulations to Miss Supranational, the Yulia winner in the Best Stage category!

2016 winner: Miss Supranational