19th Global Beauties Awards - Best Contestants´ Presentation - Miss Universe


WINNER: Miss Universe
2nd place: Miss Grand International
3rd place: Miss World

If the way Miss Universe candidates were presented in the 2016 edition was tragic (too fast, horrible music, nothing really worked there), in 2017, in Vegas, MU rocked and nailed it! Dived into three geographic groups, the 92 candidates walked the runway beautifully groomed (perfect hair, make-up and wardrobe), with modern displays of their countries´ flags on the giand led screens, right behind them. It was original, cool, and it had an international flavor. Background music was also perfect and modern. What a change from one edition to the other, kudos to Miss Universe, the Yulia winner in this category.

In 2nd place we have Miss Grand International. There´s nothing original with the way MGI girls are presented, it´s actually a copy of what Miss Universe did few years ago. However, it works, it gets excitement from the local audience, and we get to hear the ladies voices and accents. Well done. In 2016 Miss World was the winner in this category, and like Miss Universe this year, it gave a long jump from the very poor 2015 candidates´ presentation, in Sanya. In 2017 it was good, but not as excellent as in 2016. A real pity is that it´s only shown during Miss World´s pre-show, which most countries do not take when broadcasting Miss World. It took the bronze medal.

Miss Supranational (4th) was ok, but lacked in energy, and Miss International could either put you to sleep or make you want to watch something else on Netflix, so long, outdated and boring it is (Miss International must be revamped, we pray for it!).

Congratulations to Miss Universe, the Yulia´s winner in the Best Contestants´ Presentation in 2017!

2016 Winner: Miss World