19th Global Beauties Awards - Best Social Media Work - Miss Grand International


WINNER: Miss Grand International 
2nd place: Miss Supranational
3rd place: Miss Universe

This was almost an easy choice! Miss Grand International´s excellent use of social media tools allows its fans to follow all that happens with the current queen, national titleholders and candidates during the pageant and throughout the year, in real time! As a matter of fact, during the pageant´s preliminary activities, fans have access to lives at Facebook of all main competitions as well as of fun moments, interviews, visits and parties. MGI is the best in this category, hands down! The final show can be watched by millions of fans LIVE in super high speed and quality, a dream come true for pageant fans.

In 2nd place is Miss Supranational, which also does quite a good job on its IG and Facebook accounts. It´s updated with high frequency and it pays a lot of attention to its national pageants and national winners, which is something positive. A high quality live webcast of the final competition is also made available by Miss Supra.

Next is Miss Universe, in the 3rd position. It used to be better, but Miss U still does a regular job with its social medias. It should give more space and time to its many great national pageants and winners. It simply does not happen, the focus is almost 100% on the Miss U winner...

Miss World (4th) alternates good and bad moments. For instance, it´s been over a month that absolutely nothing has been posted to its Miss World page (since December 12th)! During the 2017 pageant updates were slow, and being held in China certainly has something to do with that. It has had better moments in the past. Miss International (5th) got a little better from 2016 to 2017, but it is not as good as in 2015.

Congratulations to Miss Grand International, the Yulia winner for Best Social Media Work in 2017!

2016 Winner: Miss Grand International