Miss World Puerto Rico 2018


Puerto Rico will be back at Miss World 2018. Last year, the territory, home to the outgoing Miss World, had to withdrew from the competition following the devastating effects of two hurricanes, which forced the postponement and eventual cancellation of the 2017 contest. Months later, the 2018 contest took place. It was a low key ceremony with a shoddy webcast, but also a sign that Puerto Rico is finding their feet again after the tumultuous end to the year they experienced. 


Dayanara Martinez, a 24 year old model, and representative of Canovanas, was crowned Miss World Puerto Rico 2018 at the conclusion of the event. She will represent Puerto Rico at the 68th Miss World contest later this year. 


The runner-up was Monica Serrano from Trujillo Alto and the second runner-up was Yarelis Salgado from Ponce. 

Welcome back to Puerto Rico! We are delighted to see you back in the game.