19th Global Beauties Awards - Best On Stage Competitions - Miss Universe


WINNER: Miss Universe
2nd place: Miss Grand International
3rd place: Miss Supranational

In 2017 Miss Universe truly rocked with its on stage competitions! The Top 16 interviews with Steve Harvey were fun to watch, the swimsuit competition had great music, dance, and the candidates showing lots of attitude and beauty, and the EG portion to the sound and performance of Fergie was just perfect. Finally the Q&A for the Top 5 and Top 3 followed. Though the show lasted for 3 hours, it was fast and fun.

Miss Grand International comes in 2nd place here, with great SF competitions as well: swimsuit with great choreography and music, the emotional Stop the War speeches (overall, the best in 5 years, they all did well!), gowns and final questions and answers. Only the crowning moment could have been better. In 3rd place, Miss Supranational. The Top 25 in the stationary bikes was a very original element, and the black gown parade was beautiful! It´s also great to have a Top 10, Top 5, and then the crowning moment, a change which took place in 2016 and continued.

Miss International (4th) made an improvement: Instead of the whole top 15, only the Top 8 gave a final speech, which made the show a bit less boring. As for Miss World, despite the final questions and answers, there was no competition on stage. It´s hard for the audience to understand how the Top 40 became a Top 15, then Top 10 and finally Top 5. Names were called without having competed on stage, and there´s no explanation on how it is judged. In 2016 MW had found the perfect tone and presented pageant fans with a Top 20 runway walk, Top 10 in gowns and interviews, and finally the final interviews. It was great! It´s a pity that it stopped there, causing Miss World to go from the winner in 2016, to last place in 2017. Organizers, please bring what you did in 2016 back!!

Congratulations to Miss Universe, the Yulia winner for Best On Stage Competitions in 2017!!

2016 winner: Miss World