19th Global Beauties Awards - Overall Best Group of Candidates - Miss Universe

group cand.jpg

WINNER: Miss Universe
2nd place: Miss World
3rd place: Miss Grand International

The Yulia for the Overall Best Group of Candidates in 2017 goes to MISS UNIVERSE. Speaking in overall terms, it was not a "super year", and we had a tough time picking the winner between Miss Universe and Miss World (Miss World came 2nd very close behind in this category). There were some excellent candidates, but also there were many women who you do not expect to see in a Grand Slam pageant (in all 5 contests). Miss Grand International placed 3rd.

Miss Supranational (4th) and Miss International (5th) can do much better, as we have seen in the past, especially Supra, usually known for the beauty of its delegates.

Congratulations to Miss Universe, winner of the 2017 GB Award for Overall Best Group of Candidates!

2016 winner: Miss Universe