19th Global Beauties Awards - Best Backstage Presenter - Miss World (Frankie Cena)


WINNER: Miss World - Frankie Cena
2nd place: Miss Universe - Ashley Graham
3rd place: Miss World - Barney Walsh

Frankie Cena was given a very important task in this year´s Miss World contest: to conduct the all new Head-to-Head preliminary challenge. He nailed it! Frankie is not only a very intelligent and talented presenter. He also cares about the candidates and gives them all the same consideration. On stage, during the pre-show of Miss World 2017, he proved that he´s ready to be a main presenter. Cena deserves a perfect 10 for this year´s performance, he´s our winner!

Miss Universe´s Ashley Graham also did a great job behind the scenes of Miss Universe´s final event. She performed beautifully and got positive comments and reviews from pageant enthusiasts. She placed 2nd. Newcomer Barney Walsh, who´s only 19 years old, interviewed Miss World candidates and took the fans behind the scenes of some of their fun times and traveling around southern China. Walsh was natural and did it like a pro, bronze medal for him!

Tamara Almeida did not get much of a chance to show her work in Miss Supranational, but whenever she appeared, she was charming and very elegant. She placed 4th.

They all did very well, excellent choices and performances!!

Congratulations to Miss World and Frankie Cena, the Yulia winners in the Best Backstage Presenter for 2017!!

2016 winner: Miss Supranational - Asha Baht