MGI 2018: the amazing Karaweik Palace Royal Culture Show


It is not for nothing that Miss Grand International has become the "darling" beauty contest of so many fans around the world. Two days ago MGI did something that was absolutely GREAT!

The 76 candidates arrived at the Karaweik Palace, where they had set up several booths so that the young women could learn about the culture of Myanmar and, more than just learning, to have some "hands on" experience.

Each booth had a different theme and activity: they painted, sewed, were part of a puppet show (something very typical of Myanmar), set up typical dishes, learned steps of local dances, played music instruments etc etc etc.

It was a whole afternoon filled with cultural activities!

When the night came, a banquet with delicious local dishes was offered to the international beauties.

As they ate, artists from different parts of the country performed.

Myanmar is indeed a very hospitable, colorful and full of culture country, and these women will be able to take home incredible memories and a learning experience. Kudos to MGI!!

Photos: MGI