MGI 2018: candidates felt like real queens at Kanbawzathadi Golden Palace, in Bago

76 stunning representatives of their nations got to feel like royalty when visiting the extraordinary Kanbawzathadi Golden Palace, in Bago. A reconstruction of the original Royal palace from the second half of the 16th century, it does not contain much of the original furniture and personal items used by the Royals, as most of it was lost when the palace was looted and destroyed in 1599.

Nonetheless, the very ornate golden palace gives a good impression of the splendor and wealth of the second Burmese empire. It was rebuilt following the original design, based on knowledge gained from excavations and the original drawings of the building. The huge palace consisted of 76 apartments and halls.

The candidates spent some time admiring the beauty of the place and posing for photos and videos, just as if they were real queens in their golden palace!

Photos MGI