MGI 2018: GB picks Laos as the Best National Costume!

Laos Best NC 2.jpg

The very creative and stunning national costume worn by Miss Grand Laos was the one chosen by Global Beauties as the Best National Costume of 2018. It should be clear that is not the official title, but rather GB´s choice.

In a very tight race with Laos, Myanmar, another extraordinary creation, came in 2nd place just 1 point behind. Nepal placed 3rd, followed by India in 4th, and Panama in 5th place, all outstading attires as well.

Top 10: Costa Rica, Lithuania, Thailand, Japan and El Salvador.

Top 20: Brazil, Cambodia, Dominican Republic, Macau, Malaysia, Mexico, Peru, Tanzania, Venezuela and Zambia.

Congratulations and let´s wait to find out who the official winner will be!

Photos: Edwin Dominguez for Global Beauties