MGI 2018: Candidates from Europe Final Review

a Europe.jpg

21 European nations entered this year´s Miss Grand International competition, and although we believe the crown won´t go to Europe just yet, some of them could esily get really far in the competition tonight.


top 5.png

While the stunning natural beauty from Sweden has had a consistent road in the three weeks of competition, Poland saved her very best for the final days and reigned absolute in the preliminary show: she looked like royalty! At least one of them should be in the Top 10, but both have potential to fly higher and reach the Top 5.


Top 10.jpg

Czech Republic usually does well at MGI, and this girl shall be no exception. She has the figure, the face and the personality to conquer a spot in the Top 20, or even Top 10. Russia gained momentum in the final days of competition, especially in the preliminary show, when she looked like a real life pricess!


Top 20.jpg

With her unique hair style, radiant smile and bombastic catwalk, it´s hard to miss Albania, a clear standout who could very much be in the Top 20. Estonia has a face to die for and is among the sexiest competitors. Her lack of sense of fashion, though, is her downfall. Can she make the cut? Netherlands has always been among GB´s favorites to be in the Top 20, she´s beautiful and smart. Her catwalk might be her weakness. Portugal comes from placing in the Top 10 of Miss Supranational 2017 and Miss Eco 2018, so talk about pressure on her shoulders! Her unique beauty, impressive posture and stage presence shall help her to advance. Spain is perhaps THE most elegant of all 75 candidates, in addition to being a super friendly and polite young woman. Tatarstan got some very positive reviews when competing in the preliminary show. Can she advance, though? Ukraine usually does well at MGI, and with a face that resembles that of VS supermodel Adriana Lime, this one might be no exception.



Belgium is half Thai, she looks lovely. Bulgaria is a bit too shy, lacked confidence. Denmark is only 17, the baby among this year´s contestant. We know there´s much to come ahead for her! England has a lovely face, while we are proud to see how much Finland and Germany have improved from their participation in Miss Supranational last year. Kosovo is a very nice girl and beautiful girl, Moldova is a strong young woman with a great sense o humor. We love Norway, who has one of the most stunning faces in the competition. Scotland and Wales are smart pageant girls who know what they are doing and who seem to be enjoying every moment of their time in Myanmar! Can any of them surprise us tonight?

Much success to all!!