MGI 2018: Candidates from Asia Final Review


21 countries and a strong group of candidates: this is Asia, the last pageant frontier, competing at Miss Grand International 2018! 3 of these women we believe could easily walk away with the crown!



India has been for a while “the one to beat” in this competition. A lovely young woman with beauty, brains and a pleasant personality, she could perfectly be India´s first ever Miss Grand International. Of course it will all depend on how she performs tonight, but we believe she already has one hand on the crown! One of the best ever Japanese candidates in any Grand Slam competitions, we go as far as pounding the crown alarm for Miss Grand Japan! She was the queen of the night and best performer at the preliminary event. Gorgeous, perfect 10! Philippines looks like a young Catherine Zeta-Jones, with a smile that brights up an entire room when she´s around. Filipino beauties have been placing in the Top 5 in the last 3 years here, so maybe it´s time for their first MGI crown.

top 5.png


Stunning Thailand is one of the front-runners for this year´s pageant. Perfect in terms of beauty and elegance, her downfall is her speech. If she´s able to overcome that, Thailand could even win it all!

Top 10.jpg


Cambodia seems to have the new wave of pageant fanatics, which means that the popular voting could take her to the Top 10. Indonesia has always presented herself with elegance and poise. She has a strong national organization backing her, along with a legion of fans. She may not top the list of most beautiful faces around, but her overall impression is quite good. We can see her reaching the Top 10 without much effort. Sri Lanka stunned the world at the preliminary night, with flawless, nearly perfect presentations in gown and swimsuit. We believe she has entered the game and will fight to be in the Top 10!

Top 20.jpg


China is quite pretty and has a good body. However, her styling has been mostly wrong throughout the competition, including her evening gown choice for preliminaries. The fact that MGI will be aired live on Chinese tv for the first time may help her. Kazakhstan has done everything right and looks great. She might enter the Top 20. Korea left her best for the very end, shinning bright at the preliminaries! We hope to see her up there. Myanmar is a lovely girl, but she did not stand out in the competition. For being the host country, we might see Myanmar crossing the line to reach the Top 20. Beautiful and elegant, Vietnam clearly has potential to be a Top 20 quarter-finalist.



While Hong Kong has a cool personality, we really hope to see Laos bagging the Best National Costume award. Lebanon and her “many secrets” gave color to this pageant! She´s loads of fun to be around! Macau is such a lovely contestant who beamed in the preliminary EG competion wearing a very original yellow gown. Malaysia is quite good, but we have the feeling that she got a bit lost in such a strong and competitive group. Mongolia has an interesting character and is very talented. Nepal has been lovely from day one: elegant, polite, a great person to talk to. She was a great ambassador for her country. We definetely admire Taiwan´s self-confidence and will. You go, girl!

Much success to all!