MGI 2018: Candidates from the Americas Final Review


North, Central, South America and the Caribbean, have in 2018 twenty-four candidates competing for the Miss Grand International title. Among them, four have received GB´s famous “crown alert”, which means that they are heavy favorites for the crown! Meet the Americas…



From this group of “front-runners”, Venezuela is the one who has WINNER written all over her. This organization does not hide the love it has for Venezuela and its beauty queens, and this girl is not only a hurricaine on stage, but also she is humble and intelligent. Many expect to see Venezuela holding hands with India at the conclusion of the event. Dominican Republic was elected the most beautiful teenager on the planet 8 years ago, in Brazil - she was Miss Global Teen. She is a perfect doll who hasn´t made a single mistake in 3 weeks. Eye on her! Paraguay has the body of the competition and has competed fiercely from day one, gaining territory day after day. Can this Paraguayan warrior go all the way and capture the crown? Puerto Rico has finally had her chance to shine internationally, and with her strong looks, elegance and pleasant personality, she could be exactly what MGI is looking for at this moment.

top 5.png


Brazil has one of those perfect faces you never get tired to look at. With her pageant experience, beauty and brains, how far she will go will depend on how she shows on stage that she really wants this. Cuba may not be the best looking girl competing in Myanmar (don´t get us wrong, she is beautiful!), but her incredible inner light and extravagant personality put her among the strong possibilities for this year´s Top 5. Mexico´s elegance, posture and great wardrobe, may finally allow Mexico to advance from the Top 20 to the Top 10. She has potential to go even further.

Top 10.jpg


Although we do not see a “back-to-back” victory happening for Peru, we have no doubt that this girl can shine on stage tonight.

Top 20.jpg


Colombia is gorgeous and very sexy, but her lower body is a bit overweight for this pageant´s standards. She could be in the Top 20, though. After Miss World 2017, El Salvador competes strongly again in a Grand Slam pageant. She´s quite good. Although not a conventional beauty, exotic Costa Rica has the body and she has studied the pageant to act accordingly. Let´s remember that last year she placed in Miss Supranational´s Top 10 and was elected Queen of Americas. With their short hairdos, Haiti and Jamaica are full of style! Haiti has a stunning face, but needs to show more energy on stage. US Virgin Islands is a gorgeous girl, just a bit to shy, but don´t be surprised if she places in the Top 20.



More of a model than a beauty queen, Argentina has a great body and good stage control. Bolivia, Canada and Chile are sweet girls who did not stand out much in these three weeks. Canada is quite smart! Ecuador and Panama could be in a higher position here, had them been properly prepared to compete at MGI. Gorgeous Ecuador had serious trouble with her EG during the preliminaries, while Panama, the gir who speaks with her eyes, should be in a better physical shape to compete here. In this group, Suriname is the candidate with the best chance to pull a surprise: she´s done great and looks good, but in such a competitive group, she did not shine as much as some of her pageant sisters. USA is sweet and smart, having well represented her nation, regardless of tonigt´s results. Charming Guadeloupe seemed to have had a lot of fun when walking in swimsuit at the preliminary event. Good for her!

Much success to all!