MGI 2018: Pageant Experts say who they think will win tonight!


See what pageant experts from different nations have to say about who they believe will be the next Miss Grand International:

Keno Manzur, Chile


India: the complete package... always looking amazing. She is always giving her best and I love that. We are all waiting for a WOW dress at the final night.

Thailand: amazing and sweet and classy and absolutelly Miss Universe material. Go Thailand!

Sri Lanka: Perfect preliminary, perfect face! Diferente country on top, and thats cool!

Japan: Miss Grand sweetheart... Miss World material.

Venezuela: Please keep that hair style in final night!

Close: Dominican Republic, Brazil, Sri Lanka, Mexico, Russia and Ecuador.

Krittidech PK Prachanukul, Thailand

India or Japan should win.

Marjukka Nieminen, Finland

My hands-down winner is India. Now what can I say about this girl that has not been said already?! Meenakshi is such a delight, and the most perfect delegate India ever sent to Miss GI!! A Hindou princess from the Far Pavillions of the mysterious India, she is perfection!! Now this girl, she captivates when it counts! And I for one LOVE that gown she wore in the Prelims! It's extremely sensual and sexy and at the same time so glamorous and sophisticated, it embraces her beautiful figure, it compliments and accentuates her beautiful curves and makes her movement flow like water with every step of her walk. In proper lightning it will look wonderful on her brown skin. Absolutely marvellous, and she looks like a piece of art in it!! Also her hair and her makeup in Prelims were perfect!! A perfect 10!!!

The rest of my Top 5 in due order: Venezuela, Thailand, Paraguay and Dominican Republic. Venezuela: an Amazonian Goddess with the face to die for and she truly nailed her Prelims performance with what is probably the most sophisticated and elaborate dress of the entire pageant. Thailand: a Thai princess oozing charm galore with the most beautiful dress of the entire Prelims night!! Paraguay: a sultry Latina Goddess with a lovely face who truly shone in her shimmering evening gown on the Prelims stage. Dominican Republic: a Caribbean Queen, just so beautiful with her soft velvety dark skin, sweet sensual face and cascades and cascades of dark hair. My winner: India 1st RU: Venezuela 2nd RU: Thailand 3rd RU: Paraguay 4th RU: Dominican Republic. Girls bubbling under: Sri Lanka, Brazil, Philippines, Czech Republic, Mexico, Poland, etc... just so many absolutely fabulous girls this year!!

Mills Aldorino, Indonesia

5-Puerto Rico





Sally-Ann Fawcett, UK

My winner is India - she is just SO pretty, a real eye-catcher.

1st runner up - Venezuela, gorgeous but her outfit choices let her down.

2nd runner-up - Thailand, immaculately turned out, tons of poise

3rd runner up - Dom Rep, statuesque and stunning

4th runner up - Japan, my surprise choice, love her cheerful sophistication

Heidar Jonsson, Iceland

1. India

2. Japan

3 Paraguay

4. Thailand

5. Brazil

Dark Horses: Mexico, Check Rpublic and Columbia.

Ricardo Guiraldes, Chile

Sweden, India, Venezuela, Thailand, Cuba. I am betting on Sweden, which would be a wonderful surprise!

Thanks, guys! Let´s see who gets the winner right!