Miss International 2018: Post-Arrival Leaderboard

The 58th Miss International Beauty Pageant is reaching its halfway mark and the delegates are currently touring different parts of Japan. It’s still early days, but our leaderboard has undergone some changes. Leading the pack now is stunning Piyamarth Phounpaseuth from Laos whose exquisite facial features has made her one of the most talked about delegates of this pageant. Mexico’s Nebai Torres is also looking impeccable in almost every photo and is a force to be reckoned with. Reabetswe Sechoaro from South Africa is one of the strongest of the largest African contingent Miss International has ever seen, but the question remains if the organization has evolved enough to crown a winner from Africa. It is clear that Maria Ahtisa Manalo from the Philippines is loved by the fans and the organization alike, so expect a strong placement for her. In a very strong Asian group, Thailand’s Keeratika Sawangjaeng is still holding her own and must be considered a front-runner. Don’t count out the delegates from Poland, Venezuela, Australia, Indonesia and Puerto Rico who are also competing very strongly.