MGI 2018: the Pre-Arrival list of favorites!

site MGI 208 PRE.png

And here it is, the Grand Slam season for the girls has finally arrived and first stop is Miss Grand International! This time hosted by beautiful and exotic Myanmar, MGI brings us what looks like a strong batch of 80 stunners, hailing from all five continents. And who will take gold? Who will reach the top of the Grand podium?

In this first moment, we judged the candidates with material they want us to see: videos, photos, interviews that the contestants themselves, and their national directors, have provided. It means that everything can change as the real competition starts, which by the way, will happen in just a couple of days. It means that it´s always fun to compare this list with the one GB publishes right before the final night of competition. Who will manage to remain strong all through the forthcoming weeks?

For now, let´s start with our pre-arrival list of favorites, which has stunning Venezuela on top. A top 5 finalist in last year´s Miss Venezuela pageant, this girl is managed by the one and only Osmel Sousa. MGI loves a latina, so we are sure this one will be a hit in Myanmar!

India has won the Miss World crown last year and twice the Miss Supranational title in the last 5 years. It looks like India wants to end the decade with MGI and Miss Universe titles adding up to its recent history of success, and this young woman could easily take it all. She is now 2nd, very close behing Venezuela.

Also in the Top 3, and nearly tied with the two delegates above her, we have Thailand, a stunning woman who, we have no doubt, will fight for the title.

Rounding out our pre-arrivals Top 5, we have Indonesia and Mexico. Indonesia is very tall, seems to have a good heart, and is backed by a strong national organization and millions of fanatic fans. We definetely look forward to see how she will perform. Mexico is gorgeous, very elegant, and there´s a lot of expectation around her participation in Myanmar.

Moving on to the Top 10, let´s not lose sight of Brazil, a perfect combination of beauty and charisma who promises to take Myanmar by storm! Dominican Republic won the Miss Global Teen title eight years ago and now has the chance to win a Grand Slam title for her country. She is a stunner! Czech Republic, once again, sends one of the strongest European bets to MGI. How far can she go? Philippines is glamorous and beautiful. This is the country which leads GB´s MGI Ranking, but yet to win it´s first title. Can she be the one? Going for the back-to-back, Peru competes strongly again. We said it would not be easy!

In a 3rd, and also a very competitive Top 20 list, we have lovely Cambodia, fierce Colombia, enigmatic Ghana, strong hometown girl Myanmar, amazing Netherlands, Puerto Rico and its strong tradition in this pageant, classy Spain, exotic Sri Lanka, brainy Tanzania, and beautiful Ukraine. They are all expected to shine in Myanmar, by playing the game with strenght.

Among those who did not make it to this first list, several could enter it very soon, like for instance Portugal, top 10 in Miss Supranational 2017 and in Miss Eco 2018. Costa Rica, another top 10 finisher in last year´s Miss Supranational, also knows how to deliver a great show on stage. And then we have sweet China, Korea, Panama, New Zealand, Vietnam, Russia, United States, Australia, Sweden, Zambia, Kazakhstan, Ecuador, Paraguay, Laos, and the list goes on and on…

Kudos for MGI for what seems to be a very strong group. We look forward to meeting all 80 candidates and wish much success in their jorney.

Let the show begin!!