History made in Angola with Crowning of Miss Supranational Angola 2018


22 year old Andreia Muhitu was crowned Miss Supranational Angola 2018 last weekend. Her victory made history in her country as she is the first woman with Albinism to win a beauty pageant in her country. Muhitu hails from the Cuando Cubango region in her country. Despite receiving lots of support, some negative comments from fans questioning her beauty (on her official photo) were posted to which Muhitu responded:


“Appearances are deceiving. I like the picture, it's me! I have strabismus, people have strabismus. And if I have it in the picture I must have loved it. I will not be the world's first cross eyed model. You are entitled to your opinion, and I am entitled to mine and mine says it all… I wouldn't compete if I didn't believe I could win.”


During an interview on national television, she described herself as a strong person who is ready to face all the negative comments that will come her way. She vowed that during her reign she will work on a campaign against discrimination that albinos suffer in the communities where they find themselves. She spoke out against the maltreatment that some people with albinism have to endure, a practice which she considers very negative and inhumane.


"I've been discriminated against in my life. That is why it is this cause that I will defend in my country. People should not be condemned by their skin tone or gender, and I plead for people to change their behavior in order for us to have a better social coexistence based on respect for difference.”

Muhitu will travel to Poland this December to compete in the 10th edition of Miss Supranational. According to our knowledge, she will be the first woman with Albinism to compete at a major international pageant.


GB Opinion: Kudos to this brave young women for not letting herself be defined by the stereotypes people have. Albinism and strabismus are realities of life. We know that she will receive a lot of support but also a lot of negative comments and we hope that she will find courage and strength to continue her journey as she becomes a role model to many people who need a role model like her. Bravo Andreia