MGI 2018: A day for sightseeing and shopping in Yangon!

Tatarstan, Philippines and Russia.

Tatarstan, Philippines and Russia.

On Sunday, October 7th, the 70+ candidates competing for the title Miss Grand International 2018 had the opportunity to see some of Yangon´s tourist attractions and were given some time to go shopping.

In the morning they visited the Maha Bandula Park, where a multitude gathered to see and try to get a photo with some of the most beautiful women in the world.

Located in downtown Yangon, the Maha Bandula Park was founded in 1868 in honour of the then Chief Commissioner of British Burma, Albert Fytche. The delegates were photographed at the foot step of an obelisk buit in commemoration of Burmese independence from the British in 1948, replacing a statue of Queen Victoria.


The heavy rain prevented the candidates to visit the St. Mary cathedral, when organizers decided to take them for lunch at a local restaurant where they could try the local culinary.

After that, it was time to visit the Kyauktawgyi Buddha Temple, a Buddhist temple located on Mindhamma Hill. The temple houses a 25 feet (7.6 m) feet tall Buddha called the Loka Chantha Abhaya Labha Muni (လောကချမ်းသာအဘယလဘ မုနိရုပ်ပွားတော်မြတ်ကြီး), which is carved out of a single piece of white marble quarried in Sagyin Hill, Madaya Township, Mandalay Region. The image weighs approximately 560 tons!

Lebanon and Loka Chantha Abhaya Labha Muni.

Lebanon and Loka Chantha Abhaya Labha Muni.

There the candidates were photographed and had some time to appreciate the beauty and serenity of the place.

Next, they were all taken to a mall, where they got some free time for shopping!


Back at the Chatrium Hotel Royal Lake Yangon, the Top 10 most voted girls in MGI IG account before arrival, had a special dinner with Mr. Nawat Itsaragrisil, president of Miss Grand International. You can see how it went at MGI´s Facebook Page.

The other candidates had a fantastic Chinese buffet dinner, And if you think their fun day ended here, you are wrong! It was time for some serious work, which means rehearsals for tomorrow´s MGI 2018 Press Opening Ceremony.

Venezuela and Thailand.

Venezuela and Thailand.

We will bring you all the details on this important event and a first post-arrival review of the candidates and how they are doing in the competition so far.


GB photos / Henrique Fontes