MGI: GB´s Post-Arrival List of Favorites

site MGI 2018 POST.png

GB´s first update in its List of Favorites for Miss Grand International 2018 is out, and some significant changes have take place. Although Venezuela remains on the lead, followed by India in 2nd place, Philippines has jumped to the 3rd position, while Dominican Republic is now in 4th place. Thailand rounds out the Top 5.

After nailing her Opening Ceremony performance, it is no surprise to see Japan climbing many positions and reaching the Top 10. Tanzania, Paraguay and Sweden also appear among the Top 10 favorites at this point, while Brazil remains there.

Cuba and El Salvador are newcomers to the Top 20 list, while New Zealand, Zambia and Albania came to the doorstep of it. Portugal remains very, very close to it.

With such a strong and competitive group, don´t be surprised to see many ups and downs throughout the competition! Next update will come after the National Costume Competition.

This is what we call an exciting competition!