Miss Supranational 2018 : A fun chat with Miss Supranational Malaysia

Miss Supranational Malaysia Sanjna Suri has time and again impressed everyone with her intelligence and eloquence. The beauty queen  recalls her pageant journey while she has a short candid interview with our reporter. In this exclusive interview, she revealed the combined joys of modelling, acting and how she juggled between different jobs.

Q. How do you sum up your career journey till date?

Answer. I have came a long long way. I started off by studying Pharmacy, but I was always part-time modelling, singing in events & restaurants and also working as a DJ. I was always passionate about performing arts, but till then I had never got the opportunity to pursue it. I overworked and studied so hard so I could convert my study loan into a scholarship, hoping that someday I will pursue this career full-time. Although I was successful with doing multiple jobs, I ended up putting on a lot of weight, I was weighing 75 KG’S then from stress eating. I also worked as a pharmacist in a hospital, I worked really hard and juggled my work, part time jobs, and I invested so much efforts in shedding all the weight. It was really a very tough task. Right now, I am slowly but surely making my mark into acting as it has always been my biggest dream and passion, and I can only hope that I am blessed with more opportunities.

Q. We say that Inner beauty is what it takes to be beautiful, then why do Beauty Pageants  emphasises on physical beauty requirements? What’s your take on this?

Answer. I think the word Beautiful and Pretty are very different. Being pretty is having an attractive face, but as cliche as it sounds, being beautiful is reflected from your inner- self, your journey and your personality. I feel true beauty is radiated when one is really in tune with their inner- self; their soul. Unfortunately, true beauty cannot be detected by only looking at someone from their physical appearance. But physical beauty does play it’s role in capturing the attention of people, which is much needed in a pageant. Having a beautiful physique enables you to stand out and grab the attention of people, because the attention helps to promote the pageant brand, and to push people to support the causes you believe in. But to sustain this attention, your inner beauty then plays it’s role. A pretty face and a beautiful soul in my opinion is the winning combination in beauty pageants.

(Author: Charudatta Kale)