Miss Supranational 2018: Supranational journey of Czech Miss

Jana Šišková was crowned Česká Miss Supranational 2018 with much pomp and fanfare. The grand crowning ceremony took place at the multifunctional Gong Hall. Jana is now representing Czech Republic at Miss Supranational 2018 pageant. The 23-year-old beauty queen hails from Zubri and stands tall at a height of 174 cm. Let’s sum up her backstory as the Global Beauties reporter interviewed her.

Jana has been pursuing Baithlon since 10 years. She is a national level Biathlon player and had been preparing for Biathlon Olympics, which was one of her major dreams. Jana always wanted to travel and she had eventually developed a interest in modelling. Bangkok, , Istanbul, Milan, Paris and Portugal have been a few places Jana has been to and she is totally thankful to the opportunities which made her travel. As she shared the idea of her wanting to be a model, her family and friends were very shocked, as everyone had dreamt of her as a future Olympic player. When she was 20, pursuing her university, she got a modelling opportunity in Thailand, so she decided to quit her university and move to Bangkok. She stayed in Bangkok for a while working as a model, but she wasn’t satisfied with what she was doing. So she flew back to her country Czech Republic, but her attitude of being an independent woman could not keep her idol for a long while. She started working as a Sales person at a clothing store and she was happy about it , because she saw the work as an opportunity to understand the fashion choices of a common man. One day while travelling back home from the work, she saw a billboard advertising about the Czech Miss competition and she could not control but to take part in the competition. And as we all know, the rest is history. She was honoured as the first runner up of the competition and she was crowned as Česká Miss Supranational 2018. She was very happy about it as she felt that she will be representing her country at an International beauty pageant, if not Olympics.

When our reporter asked her about the possible changes after the Supranational Journey, she cheerfully replied, “If I win Miss Supranational 2018, people back in my country will realise my potential. I will get a chance to prove myself and they will not see me as just another model. If I win this, the entire country will support me and they will change their approach towards Pageants and people will listen to me. I’ll have a chance to share my views and explain them that being model is like just another job which everyone does, so there is nothing to differentiate it.”

(Author : Charudatta Kale)