Miss International 2018: Venezuela wins its 8th title!


Venezuela proved once again to be “alive and kicking” when the subject is beauty pageants: Mariem Velazco, one of the favorites for the crown, was the chosen one. The beautiful and charismatic beauty queen is Venezuela´s 8th Miss International winner!

Philippines, Ahtisa Manalo, GB´s #1 bet for the title, came close to winning: she was 2nd.

South Africa´s Reabetswe Sechoaro made history by becoming the best ranked black African beauty in Miss International history: she was 3rd.

Romania´s Bianca Tirsin, who had come from a 3rd place in Miss Supranational 2017, did quite well for her country again: 4th place, Romania´s best ever placement here. Bianca gave by far the best final 8 speech of the night, making many fans believe she would be the chosen one.

Closing the Top 5 was Colombia´s Anabella Castro Sierra.


Top 8 semi-finalists were Ecuador´s Michelle Huet, Japan´s Hinano Sugimoto, Spain´s Susana Sanchez.

The Top 15 quarter-finalists were Australia – Emily Tokić, Indonesia – Vania Herlambang, Madagascar – Esmeralda Malleka, Mexico – Nebai Torres, Paraguay – Daisy Lezcano, Thailand – Keeratiga Jaruratjamon, and Ukraine – Bohdana Tarasyk.

It was the first time that Madagascar made the cut in any Grand Slam pageant.

Continental Queens (voted by the candidates themselves):


Miss International Africa: South Africa – Reabetswe Sechoaro

Miss International America: Argentina – Rocio Magali Pérez

Miss International Asia: Singapore – Eileen Feng

Miss International Europe: Netherlands – Zoë Amber Niewold

Miss International Oceania: Guam – Diliana Tuncap

The show

Tetsuya Bessho and Niki presented the final show at the Tokyo Dome City Hall, in Tokyo. The stage was proper considering it´s Miss International, however, the production remained outdated, in a very long and boring show. Music can easily put those watching it to sleep. Although Miss International´s pre-activities in Japan are highly appreciated by the candidates, the final show urgently needs to be reviewed, revamped and brought to the present.

Japan is a country where technology and tradition are well-balanced, but untortunately this is not reflected on Miss International.

The winner


Mariem Velazco hails from San Tomé, Anzoátegui. She is 20 years old, 1.80 m-tall and works as a model. She represented Barinas at Miss Venezuela 2017, when she won the title Miss International Venezuela.

Congratulations to the deserving winner, we wish her much success during her year of reign!