Venezuela wins Reina Hispanoamericana 2018

RHA finalists.jpg

These are happy days for Venezuelan pageant fans, after all, it was not only the Miss International title conquered earlier today by a Venezuelan beauty queen that made them smile: a few days ago, in Bolivia, Venezuela also won the most prestigious regional beauty title in the Americas: Reina Hispanoamericana 2018, or Hyspanic-American Queen. Nariman Battikha, who is also the current Miss Supranational Venezuela, edged out other 29 candidates to win this title for the 7th time for her country.

Isabele Pandini of Brazil won the title of vice-queen (2nd place); the 1st runner-up (3rd place) was Mexico - Aranza Molina; 2nd runner-up (4th) - Paraguay - Belén Alderete; 3rd runner-up (5th) - Bolivia - Joyce Prado; 4th runner-up (6th) - Chile - Camila Helfmann; 5th runner-up (7th) - Ecuador - Lisseth Naranjo; 6th runner-up (8th) - Cuba - Gleidys Leyva; 7th runner-up (9th) was Peru.- Jessica McFarlane, and the 8th runner-up (10th) was Europe - Daniela Santeliz.


With a special permit by Promociones Gloria and by Miss Supranational organizers, Nariman Battikha will go on to compete in Miss Supranational´s 10th edition, in Poland. Can she do it again??

Congratulations to the new queen!