Who will be Miss Universe 2018? Here´s our final List of Favorites

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Our final List of Favorites for Miss Universe 2018 is the result of the combination of opinions from pageant observers and GB contributors who have listed their Top 20 favorites in order of preference. Miss South Africa appears on Top, just like last year, when GB got it right. Can a back-to-back victory take place on Monday morning in Bangkok?

  • Only 3 candidates appeared on all 9 lists: South Africa, Canada and Puerto Rico. Philippines (missed on Richard Isa´s list) and Vietnam (missed on Rafael Duarte´s list) appeared 8 times;

  • South Africa appeared in 1st place twice (Henrique Fontes and Marjukka Niemenen), just like Puerto Rico (Sally-Ann Fawcett and Ricardo Guiraldes) and Philippines (Andre Sleigh and Albin Beart);

  • The other three pageant experts had different #1 choices, and they were Lebanon (Rafael Duarte), El Salvador (Jean Marie Vandercasteele) and Uruguay (Richard Isa);

  • Though Uruguay appeared in 1st place in Isa´s list, it did not make it to GB´s list: this was her only mention. If Richard Isa bets some money on Uruguay and she emerges as the winner, he could become a millionaire!

  • Canada, 2nd overall and a big favorite for the title, was not mentioned by anyone as the winner;

  • In total, 55 countries were mentiones at least once, which shows a great difference in opinions among our “judges”;

  • If Lebanon makes the cut, as expected by our pageant experts, this would be the first time it happens since 1971, when Miss Lebanon became Miss Universe;

See how our guests and GB editors voted (each person´s Top 5 favorites):

Albin Beart (India): 1-Philippines, 2-El Salvador, 3-Curaçao, 4-Canada; 5-Puerto Rico.

Andre Sleigh (GB, South Africa): 1-Philippines, 2-South Africa, 3-Canada, 4-Russia, 5-Puerto Rico.

Henrique Fontes (GB, Brazil): 1-South Africa, 2-Philippines, 3-Vietnam, 4-Canada, 5-Kenya.

Jean Marie Vandercasteele (Belgium): 1-El Salvador, 2-South Africa, 3-Zambia, 4-Spain, 5-Argentina.

Marjukka Niemenen (Finland): 1-South Africa, 2-Puerto Rico, 3-Philippines, 4-Venezuela, 5-Mexico.

Ricardo Guiraldes (Chile): 1-Puerto Rico, 2-South Africa, 3-Ecuador, 4-Canada, 5-Vietnam.

Richard Isa (Curaçao): 1-Uruguay, 2-Australia, 3-Spain, 4-Venezuela, 5-Indonesia.

Rafael Duarte (Brazil): 1-Lebanon, 2-Russia, 3-Canada, 4-Colombia, 5-Albania.

Sally-Ann Fawcett (United Kingdom): 1-Puerto Rico, 2-South Africa, 3-Philippines, 4-Canada, 5-Vietnam.

Best of luck to all candidates!!