Which country will be the best of 2018? 6 still have a chance to win!

It looks like the 2018 Country of the Year will be either Mexico or Venezuela. However, 4 other nations can also dream with such honor: Puerto Rico, Indonesia, Thailand and Paraguay. Which one will it be?

It looks like the 2018 Country of the Year will be either Mexico or Venezuela. However, 4 other nations can also dream with such honor: Puerto Rico, Indonesia, Thailand and Paraguay. Which one will it be?

After the conclusion of Miss Grand International, Miss International, Miss Supranational and Miss World 2018, 60 countries have scored at least 0.1 points thanks to their candidates performance in Grand Slam pageants this year. However, it is still unknown which one will be declared “Country of the Year”, as 6 of them have mathematical chances to take the lead. It will all depend on how their representatives perform in Miss Universe 2018, in just a few hours. This is the current scenario:

Paraguay (8.0 points, current position: 6th)


Paraguay has a 1% chance to end 2018 as the Country of the Year. It will happen only if Miss Paraguay wins Miss Universe tonight and Misses Mexico and Venezuela are not even quarter-finalists. If Paraguay wins and Puerto Rico places 2nd, with Mexico and Venezuela out of the fight, then both countries will tie as Countries of the Year.

It would be a huge shock, once Miss Paraguay is by no means a front-runner in Miss U this year.

Thailand (8.1 points, currently in the 5th position)


Just like Paraguay, Thailand´s chances are very narrow. It must win Miss Universe and pray that Mexico and Venezuela don´t make the cut. Even with Puerto Rico in 2nd, Thailand would win the title by 0.1 point difference.

Although Miss Thailand is also not a favorite, she is competing at home, which means that it has a better chance than Paraguay, we would say that there´s 3% of it happening.

Indonesia (9.4 points, 4th position)


For Indonesia, also only a victory in Miss U 2018 would make it possible for this Southeast Asian country to overcome Mexico (if Mexico does´t make the cut at all). An Indonesian victory, Mexico not making the cut, Venezuela at most as a Top 10 semi-finalist, and Puerto Rico a finalist, would put Indonesia on top.

It´s difficult, but still possible. There´s a 5% chance here.

Puerto Rico (10.0 points, 3rd position)

Puerto Rico.jpg

If Puerto Rico wins or places 2nd and Mexico doesn´t place at all, plus Venezuela is at most a Top 10 semi-finalist and Paraguay and Indonesia finish behind it, then it will be declared “Country of the Year”.

Miss Puerto Rico is a favorite for the crown, but it so happens that Mexico and Venezuela could also do well. Again, it´s very difficult, but not completely impossible. 8% chance for Puerto Rico.

Venezuela (12.3 points, 2nd position) and Mexico (14.6 points, current leader)


The real battle for the honor of being called “Country of the Year” seems to be between Mexico and Venezuela. If Venezuela wins Miss U, and Mexico places 2nd, Mexico will still be the Country of 2018. However, if Venezuela wins and Mexico is 3rd, it will be enough for Venezuela to surpass Mexico and become Country of the Year for the 2nd consecutive year.

For Mexico to remain on Top, it must finish Miss U ahead of Venezuela, or behind it with a narrow distance. For instance, if Venezuela finishes in 4th or 5th place, and Mexico ends as a Top 20 quarter-finalist, Mexico remains the leader. It would not happen with Venezuela in 3rd place and Mexico in the Top 20.


Both Mexico and Venezuela have competitive delegates in Miss U, which will make it even more exciting to watch see how they do!

Mexico (50% chance), Venezuela (33% chance).

See the current Country of the Year Ranking, after Miss GI, Miss I, Miss S, and Miss W 2018:

Rank Country Points

1 Mexico 14.6

2 Venezuela 12.3

3 Puerto Rico 10.0

4 Indonesia 9.4

5 Thailand 8.1

6 Paraguay 8.0

7 India 7.2

8 Philippines 7.0

9 USA 6.3

10 Japan 6.2

11 Vietnam 5.4

12 South Africa 5.2

13 Romania 5.0

14 Belarus 4.6

15 Colombia 4.0

15 Poland 4.0

15 Spain 4.0

18 Jamaica 3.6

18 Uganda 3.6

20 Mauritius 3.4

20 New Zealand 3.4

22 Russia 3.3

23 Brazil 3.1

24 Australia 3.0

25 Panama 2.5

26 France 2.4

26 Martinique 2.4

26 Nepal 2.4

26 Scotland 2.4

30 Malaysia 2.2

30 Nigeria 2.2

32 Ecuador 2.1

33 Dominican Republic 2.0

33 Ukraine 2.0

35 Belgium 1.3

35 Singapore 1.3

37 Bangladesh 1.2

37 Barbados 1.2

37 Chile 1.2

37 China 1.2

37 Cook Islands 1.2

37 Northern Ireland 1.2

43 Cuba 1.1

43 Peru 1.1

45 Costa RIca 1.0

45 Denmark 1.0

45 Equatorial Guinea 1.0

45 Kazakhstan 1.0

45 Madagascar 1.0

45 Myanmar 1.0

45 Netherlands 1.0

45 Pakistan 1.0

45 Slovakia 1.0

45 Sri Lanka 1.0

45 Sweden 1.0

56 Korea 0.2

57 Curaçao 0.1

57 Guatemala 0.1

57 Haiti 0.1

57 Laos 0.1

What is your bet??